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Renthal 520 R1 Race Chain Renthal 520 R1 Race Chain - Duncan, SC, USA renthal 520 R1 Race chain "This is a excellent chain for off road racing. My son has been racing motocross for 11 years now, and this is far the best chain we have used. I would highly recommend this chain for anyone looking for something that is very durable and also to get great performance. Excellent chain all around.."
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Pivot Works Wheel Bearing And Collar Kit Pivot Works Wheel Bearing And Collar Kit - Los Angeles 2002 YZ250 "This bearing kit is very high quality. I was very impressed with the fit and finish of everything especially the wheel spacers with the inner the o-ring. I always look for the highest quality parts and this definitely meets my expectations. I can't speak to the longevity yet but if the quality says anything then they should last a very long time."
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You don't need a dentist for these missing teeth.

Has it been a while since you changed your dirt bike chain & sprockets? Teeth looking a little bit pointy? Is the chain rusting up and making your bike buck and shudder? A worn out chain and/or sprockets isn't only a pain, it can be downright dangerous. A chain could break or a sprocket could strip, causing a situation that you could avoid by doing a timely replacement.

If you're looking for an excellent replacement, you really don't need to look further than our selection of Renthal Chain & Sprocket Kits, which include a Renthal front sprocket, Renthal rear sprocket and a Renthal R1 520 gold chain.

We also have great selections from Vortex Sprockets, who make excellent kits for Sport Bikes as well, and the likes of Sunstar and Pro Taper.

When you're choosing the kit for your bike, you can also change around your gearing for quicker acceleration or more top end. Chain upgrades are also available!

Just need a sprocket or a chain?

We've got that handled as well. A huge selections of the toughest chains from companies like EK Chains and DID Chains are available for you, and some come in a rainbow of colors, like the EK Chains 525 MVXZ. We also have any kind of Master Link you may need, which is great spare to keep in your bag when you're out for a ride, especially for as cheap as they are.

If you just need an individual sprocket, our Dirt Bike Sprockets section will have what you need. With a selection that covers the whole range from Renthal Sprockets to TAG Sprockets, your new sprocket is only a few clicks away! If you need some replacement sprocket bolts to go with them, look no further than the TAG Sprocket Bolt Kit in corrosion resistant stainless steel!

Keep that chain in line with a new chain guide.

You don't want that new chain to destroy itself after one ride, right? Replace that worn out chain guide with one of our aftermarket, stronger items from Acerbis or TM Designworks. The TM Designworks rear chain slide-n-guide has won more off-road championships than all other models combined and with is manufactured with an oil impregnated wear pad for longer life and higher performance.