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Dragon NFXS Goggles Dragon NFXS Goggles MotoDreamer - Converse,LA Awesome purchase!!!! "I used to have a pair of Answer goggles then I decided to upgrade to a better set. So I got Dragon goggles and these are the best I have ever gotten but I don't wear them too much because I wear glasses. These I recommend to everybody!!"
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Dragon NFX Goggles Dragon NFX Goggles Endurodude - Seattle, WA, USA Pure excellence! "The Wide panoramic view is amazing.. makes my 100% goggles feel like I'm staring down a pipe! Also, a lot more cozy on the face with no nose pinch they also Fit my vfx- w perfectly.. much better than the racecrafts."
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Dragon Goggles

Will Howard wanted a company to embrace his passion for outdoor sports - surfing, snowboarding and dirt bike riding. His knowledge in that market led him to create a line of sunglasses in 1993 out of his garage. He distributed his Dragon brand to local surf shops and before long expanded to Hawaii, Florida and Australia.

Diversification ensued and Dragon introduced a line of snow and motocross goggles. In 2011, Dragon's innovation led to the development of the first-ever patented frameless snow goggle. The frameless goggle is one of the most sought after and is now available for motocross and dirt bike riders.

The MotoSport Dragon Goggles Collection

MotoSport offers a variety of Dragon goggles and accessories to suit every riding need and budget. Youth models are reasonably priced and the MDX line provides an anti-fog treated lens, and unidirectional air flow system, among other features. The serious rider should look at the NFX frameless goggles with armored venting and anti-fog treated lens. MotoSport offers 14 Dragon goggle models as well as replaceable lenses, tear-offs and a roll system for tear-offs on the NFX line.

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