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Maxima Chain Wax Maxima Chain Wax Dreskie36 - Topeka, KS, USA Maxima Cain Wax "Great chain lube. Lube is sticky and last a while. Does not fly off like a lot of other chain lube. Has minimal fly off. Great chain lube in my opinion!"
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Motul Offroad Chain Lube Motul Offroad Chain Lube TX248 - League City, TX Best Chain Lube I've found yet! "I've tried a few different chain lube products and while they all seem to lubricate well this one seems to do the best at lubricating and not making a mess of my bike once the wheel starts spinning. I got 60 hours out of the factory chain and sprockets on my KX450 by using this product and keeping everything adjusted properly. The drive components of my wife's bike and both of my kid's race bikes are holding up very well also."
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