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EVS Vex Chest Protector EVS Vex Chest Protector Wannabe - Colorado Shoulders are very wide "Good product just a little to wide in the shoulders even set on the small adjustment , I'm 5,11 185# rider and the evs neck collar fits the unit fine but makes me feel like I'm choking so I gave the collar away"
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Atlas 2016 Defender Lite Chest Protector - LE Atlas 2016 Defender Lite Chest Protector - LE JJRNR - OKC Quality product - light weight - real deal "Just pulling the chest protector out of the box, the touch and feel of this product is a good one...the backing is not the blow foam, packing peanuts the old school protectors consist of, instead it is a high quality, dense rubber material that one can tell definitely fends off roost from all the squids your passing and the occasional chest smack on the bars from quad'ing in, while still feeling comfortable against the ole table muscle. Shoulder and side adjustments offer plenty of options for hot or cold days, but this is not designed for XL riders. Fits the Atlas neck brace perfectly. I like this product!"
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