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Alpinestars S-MX Plus Vented Boots Alpinestars S-MX Plus Vented Boots Donny - Houston, TX, USA A* S-MX Plus, Great Boot "I did a bunch of research before picking these boots. A* boots are always well reviewed, so it did not seem like I could go wrong. Final choice was between the S-MX 6 and S-MX Plus boots. I liked the price of the S-MX 6 better than the S-MX Plus boots, obviously, but I really wanted the extra ankle protection on the Plus boots. I stepped up to top of the line MX boots after breaking my ankle while wearing cheap MX boots, so did not want to cheap out on road boots. The Plus boots have ankle support on both sides of the boot (support is only on one side of the S-MX 6 boots), and there is padded ankle support sewn into the inside the boot. The boots are snug getting in and out, but I can't imagine a more comfortable boot when they are on. All day comfort without a doubt. The boots come up to the lower part of my calf and straight leg jeans fit over the boots easily. Not sure about long term durability yet, but the boots appear to be really well made, and I have had no issue so far."
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Alpinestars Tech-5 Boots Alpinestars Tech-5 Boots Woodsconsin - Wisconsin Good Boot For the Money "I finally got to wear these for the first time when I raced in a Hare Scramble yesterday, I was worried that they would be uncomfortable since I never got a chance to break them in before the race. I can honestly say I never thought about them once during or after the race, really impressed with how comfortable they are right off the bat. The single hinge seems to offer pretty good ankle flexibility while maintaining stability. The fit seems true to size, they offer decent protection, time will tell how well they hold up."
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Motocross Boots, Accessories and More at MotoSport

Riding a dirt bike requires several essential must-haves to ensure personal safety and years of enjoyment - not the least of which are motocross boots. Racing subjects your feet, ankles and calves to roost, bumps from other rides and the impact from falls. Trail riding poses different hazards like boulders and tree trunks that your skin and bones have no match against without adequate protection.

Motocross boots protect you from serious injury but also provide solid stability when cornering or any time the need to plant your feet is necessary to prevent a fall. There are more than two dozen bones that construct the feet and ankles and they are small and intricate. Feet and ankles are simply not designed to withstand a high speed impact on their own. Moreover, the average weight of a motorcycle is 400 pounds and a canvas shoe or sandals won't provide any protection against the weight of a bike or the heat from the engine in the event you lose your balance and fall over.

MotoSport carries one of the largest selections of motocross boots on the web (more than 60 pairs!) in additional to accessories like replacement straps, soles and buckle kits. Our inventory of riding socks from the top brands keep your feet dry and comfortable with reinforced heels and arches for extra support and protection. Check out the individual categories below:

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MotoSport is the best place to find motocross boots and accessories to give you the safety and comfort needed for dirt bike riding. We have a 90-day return policy. Use the size charts to help you take the guess work out of selecting your motocross boots. If it doesn't fit anyway, our hassle free return policy means we make it easy for you to get the right pair. Want help? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338, chat with an expert or see our Motocross Boots Buying Guide.

MotoSport offers fast, free shipping on orders over $79.