How To Safety Wire Grips

Safety wiring handlebar grips holds them in place and makes the glue holding them on more impervious to water. Grips, grip glue, safety wire, brake cleaner, linesman pliers or safety wire pliers, diagonal cutters, and a utility knife are required to (safety wire grips). Compressed air is useful for blowing off old grips and drying grip glue, but not necessary. Note that on some bikes, grips are vulcanized to the throttle and that the throttle will have to be replaced; the grips cannot be removed.

Removing Old Grips

The first step is to remove the old grip by cutting them off with a utility knife, razor, or other cutters. If an air compressor or a can of compressed air is on hand, they can be blown off; in fact, this is the easiest way to remove grips. Old glue should be removed manually and with brake cleaner. If the bike has an original plastic or nylon throttle tube the grip will not come off and the throttle tube must be replaced; aluminum throttle tubes are recommended. On any bike, this is a good time to make sure that the throttle is in good working order.

Applying New Grips

The second step is to put on the new grips. Dab grip glue onto the inside of the grip or on the handlebar (there is some debate as to which is the best way) then slip the grip onto the handle, adjusting it appropriately. Wipe off any extra glue and wait for the glue to dry, or speed up drying by shooting air between the grip and the handlebar while squeezing and twisting the grip at the same time; this spreads the glue and dries it more quickly. Either way, wait until the glue is dry and the grips are bonded to the handlebars before moving to the next step.

(Safety Wire Grips)

The third step is to wrap safety wire around the new grips. Many grips have grooves on them for the purpose of safety wiring grips. First cut a piece of the safety wire approximately 10 to 14 inches long, and then position it over the grip with the ends hanging down parallel to one another. Next if using safety wire locking pliers, lock the pliers on the wire and pull the knob at the bottom of the pliers outward to twist the pliers. This will twist the safety wire. If using regular linesmen pliers, just grab ahold of the wire ends and start twisting. Keep twisting until the wire is snug against the grip with the ends pointed down. Four (safety wire grip) wraps like this should be done per bar, or one each inch.

Cutting and Tucking the Wire Ends

Finally, after all wraps are on the grips, use the cutters on the safety wire pliers or use diagonal cutters to cut the ends of the safety wire off leaving a very short twisted wire tail of 1/16 inch. Make sure the wire is at the proper tension. Use the pliers to push the remaining short tails of wire into the grip’s rubber to hide the end and also to ensure that it will not cut the rider or catch on a glove.

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