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Artrax SX1 Rear Tire Artrax SX1 Rear Tire Moto - Northeast PA Artrax SX1 rear tire "I just had my first race on the Artrax SX1 rear tire. The course started as grassy and hardpack in the morning with a couple of slick, muddy spots. This tire amazed just hooked up regardless of what the track looked like. With this being my first ride on it, I obviously can't comment on durability except to say the only difference between new and now is the dirt on the tire. Very, very pleased and don't hesitate to purchase! Outstanding bang for the buck!"
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Artrax MX-Pro Rear Tire Artrax MX-Pro Rear Tire MX654 - Excellent tires "I'm not sure why everyone says these are hard to put on, I'm on my 6th set of these tires since 2015 and have never had trouble putting any of them on. Spray a little soap and water around the bead and make sure to keep the part of the tire on the rim already pushed down to the center of the rim, should go right on without any issues. I've tried all different versions of the tires and they all held up well. I'm replacing a set of MX-Pro tires that has about 20 hours ride time and they still have over half tred (Im giving them to a neighbor that has almost slick tires) I don't ride on hard top and I don't ride much on rocks (except what's on a mx track). Overall they seem to hook up well and I've yet to have one rip a complete knobby off. All around I don't think you can go wrong with these tires."
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