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Answer 2016.5 Alpha Air Pants Answer 2016.5 Alpha Air Pants Rowdy - Snohomish, WA, USA Perfect "I have bigger legs and butt so I'm always worried about buying clothes online...however these are awesome. No bunching no pinching and has elastic material in all the right areas. I got size 36 which probably would work for anyone needing 35 to 38 or so. I have purchased other sizr 36 pants but the rear end area was way to snug. If you have some butt muscles that need some room and you like a relaxed fit that look awesome these are a great buy."
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Answer 2017 Elite Pants Answer 2017 Elite Pants JustAnotherDirtDude - Plano, TX Answer elite pants "I feel like a fat you know what after buying these pants. Just because they run so small. I'm not a little dude anyways. But these guys are tight in the waste. If you are gonna buy a pair try them on first or go up 1 size. Then be prepared to suck in your gut every ride. Outside of the fit they are really nice though. Good room in knees for braces but not too big. Velcro waste straps are nice touch. I like the leather knee heat guards. Good quality just small."
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