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Twin Air - Air Box Cover Twin Air - Air Box Cover TX248 - League City, TX Must have for each bike in the garage! "Now that I have one of these I wouldn't think of owning a bike without one. Allows way better cleaning of the airbox and you can knock that step out while washing the rest of the bike. Gives me far more confidence that I'm not pulling dirt and sand past my filter getting the airbox that clean each time."
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PC Racing Filterskins PC Racing Filterskins TX248 - League City, TX A must for the desert or sand dunes "Love the filter skins when high levels of dust or sand are involved. With the sand it gives a dry surface for the sand to bounce off of prior to working down into your oiled filter. For the dust, the filter skin catches a large portion of the dust and can be removed/replaced prolonging the ride time between switching or cleaning filters."
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