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PC Racing Filterskins PC Racing Filterskins Brett - Blacksburg, VA, USA Worked great "Worked great, picture is worth 1000 words. some of the most dusty riding I have ever done and this did catch 90% of the dust, great peace of mind. See pictures for proof"
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GYTR Air Box Wash Cap GYTR Air Box Wash Cap k600r - Westborough, MA Strange shape indeed "I bought this GYTR air box cover to use when cleaning my 2016 YZ250R Anniversary Edition bike. After multiple washes, power and hose, not a drop of water has got by the cover yet which is how it's supposed to work. Many times the seal around the air box isn't as tight ás it should be but this one is tight. It also seams durable and is white so it's easy to see. I would buy it again if needed, a really good product from an OEM manufacturer."
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