Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots

Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots
Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots

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  • Sidi Crossfire SRS boots are a high-tech boot that will stand up to the use and abuse and continue to offer superior protection and comfort.
  • It all starts with an understanding of what it takes to develop a boot that has the best form and function and the Sidi Crossfire SRS boots have nailed it. To start, the Crossfire SRS have an external Dual Flex system to allow for fluid movement front and back, but extremely rigid side to side movement.
  • Sidi designed the Crossfire SRS boots realizing riders will be putting these boots through the stresses involved with competitive and aggressive riding by making the high wear parts to be replaceable.
  • The soles on the Sidi Crossfire SRS are the simplest replacement system on the market. With a standard Phillips screw driver the sole comes off for easy replacement. Sidi offers multiple types of soles to match your needs.
  • To continue raising the bar on safety, Sidi uses a composite insole on the Crossfire SRS boots which doesn't deteriorate like a steel shank can. Sidi also includes a removable arch support to match the riders foot type.
  • No rider is the same, which is why Sidi designed the calf of the Crossfire SRS boots to adjust, making the boot fit better for increased protection and comfort.
  • Sidi uses their own Technomicro on the Crossfire SRS boots. Technomicro is a composite microfiber material created from strands that are so fine, each one is less than one thousandth the thickness of silk.
  • The cam-lock buckles on the Sidi Crossfire SRS are independent providing less resistance and better range of motion. The cam-lock buckles are attached to straps with position memory, making adjusting the strap length a one-time thing.
  • The Crossfire SRS boots are lined with a Cambrelle material to keep your feet nice and cozy.
  • Sidi took advantage of their high-tech design to eliminate the need for an inner booty on the Crossfire SRS boots. By eliminating the inner booty the Crossfire SRS boots are able to shave weight and keep a slender body for easier control and better feedback.

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54 Reviews
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Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots
Top 500 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Kansas City, KS, USA
Great Boots - esp. for slim feet

I have several hours on my new SiDI Crossfire SRS boots - and I am really happy with them.

"Top of the line" quality and protection - but the main reason that I went with SiDI in particular - was for fit.

I have a narrow foot (not special-order narrow, but slim) and most other boots feel like galoshes. The SiDI boots will easily adjust for a snug comfortable fit on a slim foot.

The way the Crossfire is hinged, they don't require much break-in. Very comfortable and superior feel even on the very first ride.

Verified Purchaser
Sizing - true to size?   Style  

First time I ordered these boots I went up a size because all the reviews saying they run small. I had to exchange them for the correct size. They run true to size. They look sharp right out of the box. I like that many of the parts are replaceable. So far they have held up well. I need a little more time to tell how durable they are.

Verified Purchaser
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Great Boot

These are the second pair of SIDI's I have owned and I have had several other brands in the past. These have held up very well and take no time to break-in.

After reading the other reviews I should have ordered the next larger size. The comfort level is great but the size does run a little narrow. I would not hesitate to purchase another set when these need to be replaced. In my opinion definitely worth the money.

Verified Purchaser
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Complete Satisfaction

Owned an older version of the SRS boot for over 7 years. The new boot fixed the shortcoming with memory straps and the other improvements just make it the best boot in my 45 years of riding.

Verified Purchaser
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Best boots I have ever owned!

I had been considering buying a pair of Sidi's for years and never did because of the high price. Once my old Tec 8’s wore out, I finally broke down and got a pair of SRS's. I am amazed at how much better they are. The way these boots grip the frame of my bike is unreal. Once I started riding with these boots, I immediately noticed that I had a lot more control and could ride more aggressively. On the track, I can now catch riders that could just slip away from me before. I would imagine the Alpinestar Tec 10’s offer a similar amount of grip as well as the Sidi crossfire TA’s. The quality of the boots seems to be great also, and I feel I won’t need a pair of boots for a long time. One thing I did notice is that even though they are very comfortable, they are a little snug for the size I ordered, I think someone with wide feet might want a size bigger. I am normally a 10 and a half, so I ordered an 11 and luckily had no problems with fitment, other than being a little on the snug side. Although, as they get more worn in, I have a feeling they will fit perfect. I have noticed the same concerns in other reviews and that was one thing that made it hard for me to order them since my feet are a little on the wide side. Overall though, I say these top of the line boots are where it’s at, if you want good gear that will help improve your speed and control these will definitely help.

elizaethton tn.

awesome boots dont have to break them in and buckels stay latched and feet stay dry

Houston, TX
Great Boots

These are the best boots I've owned in 20 years of racing. They feel like you're wearing sneakers, but when you take hit they keep your feet/ankles in one piece. The buckles are easy to work and stay put. The soles off good amount of grip, but not too much. The soles break down quicker than traditional boots, but they are easily replaced. Just remeber to buy new screws with the new sole.

I've only had two issues with them.
I've had the inside hinge pop out a few times when catching my boot between the ground/roots and the foot peg. I never notice it until I get off the bike. It does take a little effort to get it back together, but not a huge issue.
The other issue is that the white doesn't stay white. The leather cleans up, but the white plastic parts scuff easily and dirt gets ground into it and it’s no longer white.

Central Massachusetts
Narrow but Resolved

I purchased these boots due to my experience with Sidi shoes/boots in road racing motorcycles and bicycles. The quality and attention to detail make these boots worth the price.

Sliding them on I like how the buckles stay shut yet are easy to open an close. The hinge system makes these boots break in very fast. In my first ride I forgot I had new boots on. One get off in a water crossing tested the boots ability to keep my foot dry. Another success! The rubber contact spots on the boots give them plenty of grip on the bike helping me on my early spring first ride.

I did have problems with the footbed being a bit too narrow. I took the boot to a local ski shop that specializes in boot fitting. They easily fixed the narrow width making these boots fit like slippers.

I can compare these boots to the new Fox Instinct's as I tried both on. The Fox Instinct boots have much more feel allowed through the boot. They do feel like a running shoe wrapped in protection. They feel a little wider than the Sidi's. I question how a boot that allows so much feel through it can protect. The Sidi Crossfire SRS feel like your feet are in a safe compared to the Fox Instinct's lighter softer feeling boot.

I picked the Sidi's due to their SRS system and history with me on lasting a long time. I'm very happy with them after my first all day ride that had me pushing the bike a few times and getting wet.

Kennewick, wa
Good with the bad

I go through a pair of boots about every year so I thought I would break down and buy the sidi's. They are definelty the most comfortable boot I have ever had. Lots of great support and features but the one problem I have had and other rides I know that run these boots is that the inter heal hinge point plastic is already breaking apart and I only have 4 rides on these boots.

Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
You won't be dissappointed

Best boots I've ever owned. I'm a Vet Expert and have been racing off-road and MX since I was a kid. These boots are by far the best investment you can make in boot protection. Virtually everything is replaceable, easy sole replacement (SRS), buckles, etc. My favorite features are the excellent styling, the slim toe making my shifts reliable and confident; the lack of an inner boot makes them feel lighter and way more comfy all day long. No break-in whatsoever, day one feels the same as day 999. Just purchased my 3rd pair, prior pair are now my practice boots and I bought them in 2006.

Top 250 Contributor
Mt. Airy North Carolina
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Absolutely the best boot ever

I got these boots because my old tech 3s were worn out. My foot has quit growing so I decided to get a boot that would last. They adjust to fit your foot perfectly and the pivot joint makes shifting and braking a lot easier. Hands down best pair of boots I've ever owned. Just order at least half a size up than what you usually wear.

Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Best boots ever

Ok I just got these boots and I love them. I just got back from riding at Hatfield Mc Coy trails in WV for 5 days and these boots kept my feet dry !! After these boots broke in it did not feel like i had boots on!! My friend has the alpinestar tech 8 and his feet kept getting wet and his buckles kept coming undone, but not the Sidi's they held on and never came undone. If you are thinking about getting these boots get them you will be very happy. Dont waste you money on the alpinestars tech 8's spend a little more and get these boots.

Top 1000 Contributor
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
A Good Boot

The Sidi Crossfires are a good boot. I have had Alpinestars Tech 6, 8 and 10.

The Pros: Great flexibility with the hinge system, intuitive and durable buckles system, replaceable parts will prolong the life of the boot

The Cons: The fit of the boot is not as secure as the Alpinestars Tech 10s (do to the inner bootie). I purchased a size 11 which was uncomfortably tight and went up to 11.5 which is on the large side. It is much larger in the toes and heel area that I would like. The cost is also a con, but I found these to be far better than the less expensive tech 6s.

Ronald/Roslyn, Wa
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
The Best, just order a size up.

I read another review on this site about the sizing. Im a true size 11, and these boots are tight! Ive been riding for 29 years and have owned MANY boots, and all have been 11's as an adult. I do have a wide foot, so this may be contributing to the tighter fit?

The quality is top notch. The design and function are as all the other reviews have said, great. The ability to "point" your toe is unique, and sets these boots apart from the others. Buy these boots, they are top of the line, just order them a size larger.

Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  

These boots are awesome. Even though they are quite expensive they are worth every penny. The amount of connection and control they give you is unlike any other and are better than any other pair of boots I have owned.

Ellensburg WA
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Couldn't ask for better boots

I just got these boots last week after riding in my last pair of SIDI's for the better part of 10 years. These boots took no time to break in and are comfortable and very supportive. I will never use anything but SIDI's for my ankle support.

Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  

Brea, CA
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Most Awesome Boots Ever!

My Alpine Stars Tech 8 boots needed replacing and I have always looked at the Sidi boots, I decided to step up and get a pair of the Crossfire SRS boots and boy am I glad I did! These boots are awesome, they are very will engineered and a lot of thought was put into the design. The buckles are very simple and work very will same goes for the sole of the boots easy to change no hassle. These are the most comfortable boot that I have ever worn.

Anadarko, OK
Comfort   Durability   Performance   Sizing - true to size?   Style  
Best boot I've worn

I have wore a couple of different brands but SIDI are the best. Right out the box they are ready with no break in needed and on the bike they are awsome. SIDI are true to size so get what your shoe size is. The protection,fit & durability are great.

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8 Questions
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Not Yet:   0
Location: Shawnee National Forest, IL
Q: Carry Parts?
2 years 7 months ago
Do you carry parts for the Sidi Crossfire?
Top 500 Contributor Top 1000 Contributor
2 years 7 months ago Location: Kansas City, KS, USA
A: Parts for the SiDi Crossfire are widely available - and YES, has a good selection of parts for the Crossfire-SRS. Though, I haven't had to replace anything on mine yet.
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years 7 months ago
A: We do carry replacement parts for the Sidi Boots. Here is a link to all the Products we carry from Sidi:
Location: New Jersey, USA
Q: Are these the new ones with the larger toe box or last year's?
2 years 8 months ago
Top 500 Contributor Top 1000 Contributor
2 years 8 months ago Location: Kansas City, KS, USA
A: These are the original Crossfire SRS. Not the new one with the larger toe-box. The new ones are designated with as "Crossfire 2".
Top 1000 Contributor Top 500 Contributor
2 years 8 months ago Location: Kansas City, KS, USA
A: These are the original Crossfire (with original toe box). The one's with the bigger toe box are the Crossfire 2's.

I have this model and love them - and the fit. But I do have a moderately slim (and small) foot.

At this point though, you may have to go with the Crossfire 2 regardless - as I don't think there is much still available in the original model.
MotoSport Staff
2 years 8 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: These are the original model. The model with the large toebox are the Crossfire 2 model boots.
Q: Which has better toe and ankle protection, srs or ta?
Over 6 years ago
Over 6 years ago
A: I'm luck enough to have both pairs. There is no difference in the two other than the SRS and the small metal kickplate on the TA's.
Location: Gatlinburg, TN
Q: Does MotoSport Carry the replacement parts for the Crossfires?
Over 7 years ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: We have access to the replacement parts if you can't find what you're looking for. Give our Sales Team a call for more information: 888-676-8853
Location: Athol, Idaho
Q: Scotts versus sidis?
Over 7 years ago
Would you say that these boots make up for all the years we did not have a good quality boot with alot of plastic strenght & protection that the old 1980's Scott boots had? Also ,have heard that for the $$ the Alpinestars tech & boots are very close to these in protection & fit & comfort?? For the Money
Over 7 years ago Location: cairo,ga
A: if you really ride hard then go with alpinstars, if weekender get the sidi, alpinstars have the the reliability
Q: I am in the Military and I wear a 8 wide boot what size should I get ? Thanks Michael.?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago
A: unfortunetly they dont come in widths I would try an 8 or 9.
Top 1000 Contributor Top 500 Contributor
2 years 8 months ago Location: Kansas City, KS, USA
A: Michael - that tricky.

I actually purchased them because I have a slim foot. As far as length goes, I think the SiDI are very "true-to-size". I just ordered based on the "EU" size in some proper fitting shoes that I had - and the boots matched that perfectly.

If you want to try a larger size to accommodate the width of your foot - MotoSport has an awesome exchange/return policy.
Location: Ca
Q: All size boots have 22 inch calf?
Over 7 years ago
I have a larger calves and that has always been an issue on all my boots, some very uncomfortable. Since I saw under the description that the calf's on these boots go all the way up to 22 inches, I wanted to know if all of the boots sizes go up to the suggested 22 inch size or if only the larger size boots (10+) are the ones that go up to the 22 inches? I wear a size 8.5 but with the larger calves it is hard to find a boot that has that larger diameter calf. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago
A: Gaerne boots do accommodate for larger calf's. I know this first hand as I have the same issue as you. The downfall to your predicament is you might have to go up in foot size to get that little extra width in the calf area. I've ridden Alpinestars for along time before realizing that Gaerne SG10 would be a better fit for me.
Q: What is the sizing of sidi boots? do they run small , true ,or big?
Over 8 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 8 years ago
A: these boots should fit true. Just remember they are European sized and make sure to cross reference their size to men's US.
Top 500 Contributor Top 1000 Contributor
2 years 7 months ago Location: Kansas City, KS, USA
A: I think they run VERY true. I ordered mine based on the size info from other footwear that I own (shoes and boots) and used the Euro size info. The result was a perfect fit - first time.
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