Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 Clutch Kit

Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 Clutch Kit
Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 Clutch Kit

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Core EXP just got better - Now with EXP 2.0 Technology - Breakthrough in Response, Performance and Tunability! Rekluse Core EXP - Core as in "Hard-Core," is Rekluse's award winning premier product. It is the #1 choice for performance-minded riders that insist on perfect clutch lever feel that also demand the highest performance and durability available.

  • Faster cornering.
  • Improved traction.
  • Virtually eliminates stalling.
  • Better starts.
  • Faster lap times.
  • Fully tunable to rider preference and terrain conditions.

When introduced in 2009, EXP technology revolutionized the auto-clutch market by incorporating sliding wedges into an expanding friction disk. Wedges provided increased clutch performance at low to mid RPMs over traditional ball-bearing auto-clutches. By incorporating two ball bearings stacked on top of each other within the wedge, the friction generated from sliding wedges is virtually eliminated in EXP 2.0.

The result is clutch engagement and disengagement response that is unparalleled by any previous auto-clutch. Throttle control is increased dramatically while maintaining increased clutch performance at low to mid RPMs. With the increased response, a wider array of tuning options become available while further reducing the possibility of "pop" stalls.

Features and Benefits:

  • Feature: EXP 2.0 Technology. Benefit: Ball-wedges give unparalleled throttle control and response; 7075 aluminum boosts durability; 1/4-turn pins for quick and easy tuning.
  • Feature: Fully adjustable includes optional light and heavy ball-wedges and EXP springs. Benefit: Allows rider to achieve a matrix of truly custom settings to obtain great performance advantages.
  • Feature: High grade CNC machined billet, hard anodized aluminum clutch components. Benefit: Handles extreme abuse and offers long lasting durability.
  • Feature: Center clutch designed with innovative fluid dynamic oil flow technology. Benefit: Cooler operating temperatures for less fade and longer clutch and clutch plate life.
  • Feature: Proprietary pressure plate design with locating clutch spring pockets. Benefit: Superior clutch lever feel and consistent engagement / disengagement action.
  • Feature: 17-7 stainless steel precision wound and heat treated pressure plate springs ensure that springs will not sack out from high heat cycles and extended use. Benefit: Provides consistent clutch torque capacity eliminating clutch slip.
  • Feature: Includes Rekluse billet aluminum clutch cover with added oil volume. Benefit: Offers greater impact protection and lower operating temperatures.
  • Feature: CNC laser-cut drive plates perfectly match the center clutch with Rekluse Continuous Radius Spline Technology causing clutch loads to be evenly distributed over a greater surface area with more precise tolerances. Benefit: Longer clutch component life, smoother engagement / disengagement, and less clutch hammering that virtually eliminates grooving with even the most aggressive riders.
  • Feature: Perfect clutch lever feel and action. Benefit: Nothing to adjust to or adapt to the clutch lever works just like it always has.
  • Feature: Easy to install and easy to tune. Benefit: Allows for quick trackside tuning to changing conditions and for testing.

30 Day Demo Ride and Performance Guarantee

See for yourself. Ride with one of the Rekluse auto-clutches in your bike, on your terrain, in the conditions that you are familiar with, and if after riding you do not agree that it has significantly improved your riding performance and fun factor Rekluse will refund your full purchase price upon return of the product within the first 30 days of purchase. Products that qualify are: Rekluse Core EXP, EXP and Z-Start.

Warranty: Rekluse provides a 1-year warranty from date of shipment for materials and workmanship when the Rekluse product is installed per Rekluse instructions into a stock bike set-up. Rekluse will repair, replace, or pro-rate a refund for any product found to be defective in materials or workmanship at its sole discretion within the 1-year warranty. Rekluse is not liable for personal property loss, parts loss or damage by use or misuse of any product Rekluse sells or manufactures. Any attempted repairs or modifications made to Rekluse products will void any and all warranties.

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10 Reviews
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Verified Purchaser
Mandan, ND, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  
Would not go without one ever on my bike!

I bought the Core EXP 2.0 for my new KTM bike because I had one for my 2008 Honda CRF 250 and ran it two years! I loved it! My boyfriend installed it with no problems and no adjustments were needed the two years I used it! I got the best starts ever in Moto and the couple times I laid my bike over it kept it running and I was back up without having to kick start to get going! Cornering was so much better as well and it worked awesome in all weather and dirt conditions! Gave so much more traction. Going down steep hills and up is also much easier with the Core EXP 2.0! Will never not have one on any bike I own again! Love it!!

Wilmington, NC, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  

This product is the best improvement you can do to any bike
so smooth and it works better than you would ever expect.
I wish I had done this first and I could have saved some money and time with other performance products.

Top 1000 Contributor
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  
Perfect in my Wr450F

I have installed one CORE EXP 2.0 and in 30 minutes I was riding like never.

no more stalling and in the hard trails I can use the throtle and leave my left hand free to take of the woods from my way.

Thanks rekluse for the great job !

Long Island, New York, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  
Great product for this +30 B motocross rider

I haven't rode in about 14 years and picked up my first stroker, a ktm 350 sxf. Works exactly as advertised. No stalling, can lock up the rear wheel without clutch in a pucker situation and less clutch through ruts. Feels like cheating. But I wanted to build the best, easiest to ride Vet bike.
Does require adjustment. I installed when bike was new, and after friction plate wore in, clutch started slipping. Easy 10 second fix with an allen key.

carnation, WA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  
A lof of money but worth it

i was hessitant to buy the rekluse system for my 2011 kx250f due to the price tag. although i race endurocross and motorcross and i have to say i love it. in the wooods on a bike that takes a good solid 10 minutes of kicking to start after stalling doesnt happen to me anymore. i also like it on the track for starting. its a great buy exspecialy for the woods i wouldnt buy it just for motorcross though i would buy the starting kit for a much lower price. it also looks awesome.

Top 1000 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  
Great Product!

Cant believe the difference of my YZ450f, Much tamer and easier to ride especially in the trails. The Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 is worth it 100%

Castle Rock, CO
Great Product, but some problems

The unit I got from MotoSport must have been in inventory a long time because Rekluse has significantly updated their product from the one MotoSport sent me. I got an old EXP disc and all of the friction pads separated and came off in my clutch basket and motor -- all 12 of them. The "auto clutch" function would not work after only an 80 mile ride after install, break-in. The unit failed. Luckly, the clutch still worked as a manual cllutch with only a little slippage

I called Recluse about the problem and they bent ovear backwards to resolve the issue: Fedex'd me a complete new clutch (updated manufactured unit) in 1 day! They also agreed to pay my MC shop to flush out my motor; get rid of the f12 friction pads that separated; and install the new Core Exp 2.0 Clutch and Rekluse paid for all the work..... Excellent customer service from Rekluse... I will update this review after I get some miles with the new parts and see how it hold up.

Northwest TN
Great Clutch

I ordered this clutch figuring it would be great for riding in the woods with my two young sons who are just learning and drive pretty slow. I was wearing out my clutch hand constantly . Boy was this a good move. Not only does it make for much more enjoyable riding with them but Ive found when Im out with the big boys its an asset as well..

Top 1000 Contributor
Long Island, NY
Go Big or Go Home

Rekluse has outdone themselves...About thirty minutes to install, I was doing faster lap times immediately. Tech support is awesome.

Easy install

With the directions & videos available, the install was very simple. Quality of the parts was outstanding.Having the recluse did improve my lap times ... it's definitely nice to not stall in the corners anymore. Thanks for a great product !

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7 Questions
Answered:   7
Not Yet:   0
Location: Springfield, MO, USA
Q: Why does this clutch only fit on 450 bikes??? is their one for the 250s??
2 years 1 month ago
2010-2014 yz250f 2010-2014 kx250f
MotoSport Staff Expert Top 1 Contributor
2 years 1 month ago
A: Yes, you will want to go with the new updated Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch Kit which you can find here:
Top 1000 Contributor
Q: Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 Clutch Kit $899.00,?
2 years 10 months ago
Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 Clutch Kit $899.00, does this set come with the clutch basket and the friction plates for the whole price? or should I buy new OEM ones?
MotoSport Staff
2 years 9 months ago
A: This kit will not include the friction plates or basket. It would be a good idea instal a new clutch basket with Rekluse or O.E.M. friction plates. Here is the link to our O.E.M. page for your 2012 Kawasaki KX450F:
Location: Norway
Q: Is this Rekluse part nr. rms 7735, and will you ship to Norway?
2 years 11 months ago
MotoSport Staff
2 years 11 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Yes, this clutch kit would be RMS-7735 for your KTM350sxf
Q: Will this work with magura hydraulic clutch?
Over 3 years ago
Hi guys, I've got a 2009 CRF450R. will this Rekluse clutch work with a magura hydraulic clutch?
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Unfortunately this will not work as the Magura clutch does not allow you to set the preload required for the Rekluse clutch. You can use one or the other but unfortunately not both.
Location: chile
Q: Rekluse kawasaki 2012 fits 2013?
Over 3 years ago
i have a problem with the installation of a rekluse core exp into a kawasaki kx 450f ...i dont have free play gain with the clutch lever, in the video of the website the dipstick of the clutch is hiding into the basket...but in my motorcycle (kawasaki kx 450f 2013) the dipstick protrude from the basket and i dont have freeplay gain....rekluse core exp 2012 fit to rekluse core exp 2013 in a kawasaki 450f???? i burned two set of clutch disks even with the instructions of the video in the website...
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: I can say that the Rekluse Core EXP clutch is the same for 2006-2013 model KX450fs so you shouldn't have a fitment issue. For a tech question this involved, I would recommend calling Rekluse directly to speak with one of their technicians about the issue you are having. They have great tech support there, and are more than happy to help with the more involved technical issues. Rekluse can be reached at (866) 735-5873 or you can shoot an e-mail to their technical support department here :
Location: Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Q: Will the 2013 Kx250f stock friction plates work with this kit?
Over 3 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Yes, with core EXP 2.0 Clutch you can use the stock fiber plates. Keep in mind though it will not require a full set once you have installed the clutch.
Q: Does the friction plates come with the kit or have to buy it separate to complete the kit?
Over 3 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: This kit for the 2010 Honda CRF250R will use the existing friction plates in your bike. You will end up taking out at least one during installation.
Over 3 years ago Location: Long Island, New York, USA
A: Friction plates do Not come with kit. I used my stock ones as they were in good condition.
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