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Wiseco Pro-Lite Piston Kit - 2-Stroke Wiseco Pro-Lite Piston Kit - 2-Stroke Jonesey - Frederick Maryland Exceeded expectations. "This was the first time I've ever changed the top end of a bike before but I knew enough to go with the Wiseco kit. The shipping was fast and free and the packaging was extremely organized, all the parts were unharmed! The first thing you'll notice is how pretty your piston lookes and how strong it feels, second you'll notice how light that sucker is and how strong all the parts look. Everything bolted and slipped right in and I had the entire bike back together and started first kick in about 45 minutes. (remember this is my first ever top end change) Immediately after starting your bike your going to notice a little bit of a sound difference, or at least I did. The bike is going to sound like a lean mean torquing 2-Stroke machine and the preformance is nothing but the same! This kit brought much or my torque back and make the bike run better than brand new! I would be dumbfounded if I heard someone did not buy the Wiseco kit. Too bad I forgot to take pictures to upload in this review because you got to see how sweet this kit looks!"
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Pro X Piston Kit - 2-Stroke Pro X Piston Kit - 2-Stroke Terry - Just what I needed. "Exactly what I needed. Fast shipping. The top end kit worked like a charm"
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