Pro Circuit Type 496 Complete

Pro Circuit Type 496 Complete
Pro Circuit Type 496 Complete

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The Pro Circuit Type 496 Complete Exhaust System has been designed to reduce exhaust noise level to legal dB while producing a noticeable gain in horsepower over O.E.M. systems.

  • State-of-the-art system uses a longer aluminum body and special internal E-glass packing for maximum sound disbursement for less noise and more power.
  • Lightweight brushed aluminum muffler body.
  • FIM-approved stainless steel modular end cap and intake tube.
  • Hand-assembled and hand-welded for a fit and finish that would rival any Factory Works part.
  • Includes lightweight aluminum mounting brackets.
  • Wire mesh removable U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor.
  • Systems are complete and include header.
  • Modular end caps for tunable power.

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Top 250 Contributor
buckeye ,az
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Not worth the money

it is not nearly as good as the t-4 complet.the t-4 is better for the money and is cheeper it is a ok pipe fo trail riding but thats about it i would get the t-4 i had this one and with in a month got the t-4 and havent looked back sence

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4 Questions
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Location: VA
Over 6 years ago
Is the quiet core/spark arrester in the PRO CIRCUIT TYPE 496 Complete System removable? Also, are you comparing these pipes (Power and Sound) to the stock CRF150F pipe with the baffel and spark arrester removed!?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 6 years ago Location: USA
A: Yes, the s/a and quite core insert are removable.

This pipe will out perform the stock exhaust on your 150F, even if you removed the baffle. The tubing in the PC pipe is larger in diameter which will help with the exhaust flow.
Q: I have a 2008 crf 150f and i am looking for more power, but i also need the spark arrastor. will this exhaust give me more power and torque?
Over 7 years ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago
A: Any aftermarked exhaust will out perform your stock system. The problem with the stock exhaust is how they flow. with the quiet core, and pipe tubing diameter, you will be limited in how the exhaust escapes. The quicker the engine can get rid of that exhaust, the more efficient and powerful the motor will perform.

This pipe you're looking at is a good system overall. it has larger tubing for better flow, and there's not much in the canister to inhibit the flow. And it has a spark arrestor screen.
Location: Sedalia, MO
Q: More power?????
Over 7 years ago
which is more power can i get out of it, of this pipe or the Pro Circuit T-4????????? Which is louder????????? I have a 2006 CRF 150F, and i want more power, which is better, this or the T-4??????????
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago
A: These are basically the same pipe other than the type 496 is USFS approved. The T-4 is the same pipe without the quiet and spark arrestor insert.
Q: Does it just come with the exhaust itself?
Over 8 years ago
or does it come with the head pipe and the exhaust ,also, because i dont want crome with black if it is just the exhast becasue that would look silly................ (Pro Circuit Type 496 complete - $203.77)
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: It's a complete exhaust, so it will have the header and the silencer. And the talk about chrome with black, I'm not sure what you are getting at but the exhaust system is going to a stainless finish for the header and aluminum finish for the silencer.
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