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EVS Web Knee Brace

Retail: $349.99
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Product Description

  • Premium protection is important when it comes to knee braces but EVS also realizes the importance of comfort and designed the Web knee braces to be so comfortable, you will forget you have them on.
  • The EVS Web knee brace effectively transfers excessive energy through out the brace that would normally be directed toward the knees.
  • The frame of the EVS Web knee brace is constructed out of 100% carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is not only one of the lightest and most durable materials it also increases the effective energy dissipation.
  • The hinging of the Web brace provides the option of changing the hyperextension stopping points. EVS built in the stopping positions at 150, 160, and 170.
  • Protection of the Web knee brace extends from the mid section of the shin to the mid section of the thigh.
  • EVS lined the Web knee brace with a removable and washable material to provide comfort and keeps the brace in position.
  • Note: The EVS Web Knee Brace is sold individually.
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Leblaf Location: Bartlesville, OK
1-10 of 11
Location: Bakersfield Ca.
EVS web braces

These braces have saved me in a few nasty crashes that I'm certain would have ended up with a blown out knee had I not been wearing them. The straps are definitely a weak point in the brace as I have broke 4 in the last dozen rides. I believe these braces would be a comfortable fit if I had purchased the right size. I'm wearing a medium and wish I had bought a large. Anyhow, I highly recommend these braces.

Location: Menifee, Ca
Worth the Money

Ive had my webs since 2006. Ive replaced the inner liners once, and some of the velcro just recently started peeling off of the straps. I contacted EVS and they are sending me all new straps for free. You definitely get what you pay for with these. These are great braces!

Location: Yadkinville, NC
Does its job

My son has used these for a year after bad knee injury. Has crashed hard several times with no injuries. only problem is the plastic fasteners that hold braces together. they fail after every crash found some at local hdwe store that solved problem braces are not bulky or bothersome to rider-he forgets he has them on.

Location: Bartlesville, OK

I've had my EVS WEB KNEE BRACE about 2 years. Although they are great on protection, I have 2 problems with them. 1) strap breakage: I break the plastic retainers on the straps quite easily. I've broken 4 strap retainers. Surprisingly , it is not during crashes but usually I break them just doing fast stops. 2) comfort: I've never tried an Askteric but people have told me they are more comfortable. Mine sure aren't comfortable.

Top 100 Contributor Top 250 Contributor
Location: NY

I ride an 09 KX450 , when i put on the brace i felt that it is very big unlike the Astrisk . Quality is alot better than the Astrisk BUT the strapes DO start to hurt after a while

Location: Minot, N.D.
Protect your knees!!

I recommended to my son that he should get a pair of high quality knee braces. He had an acl repair a while back and had an orthopedic brace for that,,but I was concerned for the other knee. He looked over all the braces available,,including the orthopedic level ones. He picked the WEB. He is very pleased with how they feel and perform. He NEVER rides without them. I am very plesed with that. It was money well spent!

Location: Northern, NJ
Great Brace!

I have had these for over 2 yrs. They fit great and have saved my knees a few times already... One of the original black plastic loops the velcro strap go through did brake. I got them fixed by EVS. They referbished them with tougher plastic! I love these things!

Location: Sacramento, CA
Rock solid knee braces

I owned custom built CTi braces (stolen after 2 years), Asterisk cell braces and now these EVS Web braces and the Webs are the best. Cost about half as much as the custom CTi's and every bit as comfortable and protective. Don't even feel them when I'm racing. The asterisks were good but not as well made. Won't think of rolling out for one lap without the Webs on. The best I've ever worn and worth every cent I paid for them.

Location: southwest Indiana
Only one to buy

After a horrible knew injury from a jetskiing accident (ticks by myself) about 15 years ago, I have struggled to find a knee brace that would do what it was intended to do. The Web does just that. I purchased one about a year ago and will NEVER purchase another brand. I havent had any issues with hyper extension or twisting wearing this brace. Has made me feel much more confident riding as I need not worry about my knee.

Location: Boise, ID
Great braces

I've had these for about six months. It took me a while to part with $300.00 for each brace, but now that I've done it, I'm glad I did! I dont ride in parks, primarily cross country, so theses things are on for hours at a time, and their great. Not to big and bulky. I think their less bulky than the Asterisk Cells. Fully adjustable and vent great! Definitely a must have for any type of rider!!

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1-6 of 6
Jimmy192 Over 4 years ago
What is the overall length of these?
My son is only 11 yrs old and has measurements of 13" calf and 19" thigh. This require a size medium. But his average height of 4' 5" makes most adult braces to long. Would these fit? Any others that might work better?
Top 100 Contributor Top 250 Contributor
Over 4 years ago Location: NY
I would advise you to buy the Astrisk braces , they are alot more comfy
Top 1000 Contributor
MonsterAir Over 4 years ago Location: Rockledge, FL
Where can I get replacement parts for the Web Brace? Several of the plastic strap attachement stays are broken.?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR
There's two options to get replacement parts and that's to either call us, 888-676-8853, or contact EVS Directly, 800-229-4387.
gilbe Over 4 years ago
Is the EVS WEB knee brace water-proof or -resistent?
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: P+RTLAND
These braces are not water proof or resistant.
norr62 Over 5 years ago Location: tn
My daughter is a mx rider,she is 15 but is small framed only 132 lbs. she is afast rider. which knee brace is best for her?
MotoSport Staff
Over 5 years ago Location: Portland, OR
Personally I would run either the EVS Web, the PodMX Brace, or the Asterisk braces.
Over 3 years ago Location: Ohio
go for the asterisks, they are the BEST
mxamazon Over 5 years ago
Which knee brace is better this one, the Eves Vision Knee brace, or the Astric Cell for an already injured knee?
Over 5 years ago Location: Hillsville, VA
IMO the cell is a superior brace. I would not recommend the EVS WEB to anyone
mxamazon Over 5 years ago
How does this knee brace support an already injured knee? I tore my miniscus a couple of years ago, and it wimps out on me now.?
Over 5 years ago Location: Hillsville, VA
You have four straps that connect the Web to your leg (it slides down your leg if you have it adjusted to be comfortable) so i would say that would not protect well at all. go with the cell.
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Youth and Adult S-XL



What It Is

As the saying goes, "It's what's on the inside that counts." Although they may not be visible, the majority of professional racers know that good knee braces can help prevent serious knee injuries. The latest EVS Web knee brace, now in its second generation, is a high-end off-the-shelf product available at a medium price.


Upon initial inspection of the Web braces, one can immediately tell the product is well thought-out. From the removable and washable liner (which helps reduce gear bag stench) and carbon fiber construction, to an excellent hinge system and floating patella cup, the braces have a quality look and feel. On the track, the braces stay in place and actually help in gripping the bike with your legs. Thanks to the new 4 Bar Linkage hinge system, the braces pivot along with the natural movements of the knee, as opposed to a more rudimentary single-pivot design. The provided replacement hinge stops allow the rider to adjust the range of motion in five-degree increments, from zero degrees (completely extended), to 30 degrees. This is helpful for riders who may have already suffered a knee injury, or for the less flexible rider who wants to prevent pulling his or her hamstrings.


Since the braces are off-the-shelf and not custom made, they may not fit flawlessly. On our tested pair, the knee area was slightly too wide, even though the thigh and calf areas fit very well. However, with the included extra shims for the knee area, one can add padding in order to achieve contact with the brace on either side of the knee. Unfortunately, the shims have a poorly glued on Velcro that, once heated during the first ride, begin to slip off. Although the four Velcro straps work quite well, adjusting the braces every ride can be tedious. A quick-clip system would be a nice addition.

The Verdict

If you are serious about racing, a good set of kneebraces is a must, and these fit the bill. Thanks to the rigid construction, and smooth, contoured design, the EVS Web braces provide ample support and protection without hindering movement or getting in the way. For a rider serious about protection, but without a huge budget or good medical plan that would cover custom knee braces, the Web is a great option.

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