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2012 KTM 250XC
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Trail Tech Bar Clamp Trail Tech Bar Clamp JD304 - West Virginia Bar clamp "This product is top notch, unfortunately I had to return mine, which was the easiest return I've done in my 41 years of being on this planet, anyway, the fit was great, overall look was great, just a awesome piece, but if your going to run a high bend bar as I'm doing on my Ltr, then you need longer brake lines and possibly a few extensions on your electrical side to. The throttle and clutch seemed to be fine but I could see premature wear happening later down the road because of the tightness. If your going to run this piece on a Ltr, I would recommend longer clutch cable and brake lines."
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Ride Engineering Bar Mounts Ride Engineering Bar Mounts Mangi - Connecticut Better than stock "Apparently I bent my stock mounts from a few washouts so I bought these for better durability and so far feels sturdy through the bars, easy to install and no problems."
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