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Leatt 3DF Kidney Belt Leatt 3DF Kidney Belt Mtkaiser - Good for some, bad for me "Bought this due to my old fox belt Velcro not holding anymore. It looked great and fit well but unfortunately the large actual part of the brace dug into my lower back. I am 5ft 11 185lbs."
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Oakley Crankshaft Sunglasses Oakley Crankshaft Sunglasses HarleyEnthusiast - Antioch, CA, USA Best riding glasses ever "I haven't had a pair of sunglasses since I was 35 years old because I couldn't afford both everyday glasses and sunglasses. I purchased a pair of crankshafts In my prescription for riding my Harley and I could not be happier. They block the wind and I can see so good. I'm 55 now and can even read a menu with my shades on. Total thumbs up on Oakley quality and design."
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