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Bridgestone M101 Front Tire Bridgestone M101 Front Tire Kramer - Tecumseh, KS, USA 5 out of 5 stars Great Sand Tire! "I bought this tire to run in the sand dunes at Waynoka, OK and this is the best tire I have ever used there. I was looking for the ribbed front tire, but I couldn't seem to find one for a 21" rim, so I went with this tire. This tire looks awesome on my bike and I can really trust it into the corners. A regular front dirt tire does not work near as well as this tire when it comes to tight corners or turning in general on sand."
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Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire YamahaRacer - Idaho, USA 4 out of 5 stars Cheap price, great tire "I gave this tire an average in durability because I have only a few rides in on it. It gets high rankings in all other category's especially performance. This tire really digs in well and holds your front end in a corner."
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