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HMF Quiet Core Insert HMF Quiet Core Insert Matty - Greenville, NC, USA Good Value Solution "WARNING... If you are considering a new slip on tail pipe for your ATV, be warned that the HMF muffler sounds like a straight through system with NO baffling!! My options were to junk the pipe, or to purchase this low cost, easy to install solution. The pipe is still pretty loud, however, much easier to live with!!"
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Dr. D NS-4 Spark Arrestor Kit Dr. D NS-4 Spark Arrestor Kit Hummer - Idaho It's good. "I bought this when I was going to ride up in the mountains and in idaho you are required to have a spark arrestor. I went the week before I had it and put my stock pipe back on. I had a lot of back pressure with it. Man up and grow in the mountains after I got this spark arrestor for my doctor D pipe and love it. I ride from anywhere from 6008 to 10,000 feet and the performance of my bike never changes. Dr. D products are great I love them."
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