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2009 Honda CRF250R

FMF Factory 4.1 Complete Exhaust - Titanium Mid Pipe With Titanium Megabomb Header

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FMF Factory 4.1 Complete Exhaust - Titanium Mid Pipe With Titanium Megabomb Header - Main

Product Description

FMF Factory 4.1 titanium muffler combined with the titanium Megabomb head pipe unleashes your motorcycles full potential with massive power increase and substantial weight savings. The combining technologies of the Factory 4.1 muffler and the Megabomb header have been developed to compliment each other's power characteristics to provide a complete exhaust system that builds power over the entire range.

FMF Factory 4.1 Muffler
  • The FMF Factory 4.1 slip-on exhaust is the same exhaust that professional racers use to bring home championships around the world.
  • FMF constructed the Factory 4.1 slip-on exhaust to offer the lightest weight titanium slip-on on the market. The titanium FMF uses on this exhaust is superior in quality and comes directly from the USA.
  • The technology in the FMF Factory 4.1 slip-on exhaust cannot be found in any other exhaust on the market. FMF developed the proprietary Chamber Core. This FMF original core technology allows for smoother and more efficient exhaust flow to maximize the power output.
  • FMF developed the Factory 4.1 slip-on exhaust to be used for competition and this pipe is ready to take to the track straight out of the box with the AMA stamp of approval for meeting their sound requirements on most motorcycle models.
  • The FMF Factory 4.1 has been designed to allow for easy maintenance with a removable sleeve for repacking.
  • FMF offers the ability to fine tune the performance of the Factory 4.1 exhaust with the addition of tuning inserts and the option of a spark arrestor to give you no boundaries.
FMF Titanium Megabomb Header
  • The FMF Megabomb header is yet another testament to the continued dedication of FMF to developing the best performing motorcycle exhaust components.
  • The FMF Megabomb header is designed with a unique midsection, comparable to the Powerbomb header, that provides improved power across the power range.
  • The unique design of the Megabomb header allows for better low end torque similar to a long header while also improving top end power much like a short header.
  • Although the FMF Megabomb header offers the advantages of a long header, the design of the Megabomb header reduces the length and the chances of getting in the way of damage.
  • The larger midsection of the FMF Megabomb header creates a larger surface area for sound dissipation to reduce the sound output by as much as 1.5dbs.
  • FMF constructed the Megabomb header out of their exclusive Ti-Metal for an extreme weight savings with added durability.
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Location: Richlands, NC

Bought this for my CRF150RB. I read other reviews that said there was no added benefit. They were wrong. It provided a great low end boost, the power was definitely there. If you are going to spend the money, this is a great addition you won't go wrong. The only one drawback is that I did burn a small whole in my pants while on the starting line. They don't make a heat shield for the megabomb that will fit this size bike.

Ease of Installation
Location: florida
FMF 4.1 Megabomb Titanium

Poor construction materials and mounting design. Pipe never fit securely and would move/flop around. I called FMF to make sure I had all the correct mounting hardware and did the install correctly. Replaced the head pipe springs with stronger ones to keep the pipe from moving excessively. The poor fit led to the slip on mid mounting bracket to crack and fail. Also found 2 large cracks in the titanium muffler at the bracket that mounts to the subframe. The muffler was easily damaged/dented in minor falls. We have owned many bikes with different exhaust systems and this one was the worst for durability.

Ease of Installation

abosultly horrible i bought it second day i got it took it up to my track and it sounded bad so i changed my jet and then my air screw sounded okay then fell on starting gate and broke it in half and wouldn't even give me a refund

Location: cameron park, ca

i have an 2008 wr450, once i put this kit on it made the bike come alive....way more bottom end and even a little on the top end. i did get a jet kit with the kit(makes a big difference). if your looking for more power this what you need....

Location: Apex, NC

great pipe!! FmF really did it up with the mega bomb header on this one, you can feel that low end like crazy. sounds great on the 250

Top 50 Contributor
Location: Fairfield Iowa

Excellent fit , more power noticed in low and mid. Sounds lncredibly different. This helps put the smackdown on other bikes.

Lock @ Load!
Location: tacoma,wa

This exhaust system looks awesome and sounds awesome.

Location: Martinsville,IN
Incredible power

I have a 2007 crf250r.I had stock duels on it.The duels are just for looks.I know it was just for looks because my 2 friends have a 07 and 1 has duel fmf pipe and the other has a single FMF pipe.I rode both of them and the one with a single had way more power than the on with duels.So I bought the sngle pipe because the piping is way more rounded than the duels which would make the bike have more power delivery.When I put it on my bike it was so awesome.Yea there is a little space on the left side,but who cares.As long as it makes your bike have more power than the duels.I really love this product.If your not sponsored by FMF,now is the time.

Location: spokane wa
Great exhaust

really nice exhaust system. gives it that deep loud sound. if you race i would definatly perfer this pipe to someone

Location: Danville,Ca

Put this on my 06' KX250F and could not believe the difference. I was'nt sure if I would even notice any difference but I was very supprised at how much power it added to my bike! I have all the power and more than I'll ever need now. Bike rips way harder with this system!!

1-10 of 13
1-10 of 11
afin33 1 year ago
I am looking for the best exhaust system for hill climbing. mostly tall sand dunes. to clarify, what system will add the most mid-top end power?
MotoSport Staff
Over 12 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
This would be a great set up for your RMZ450. The 4.1 with the Megabomb header improves the mid-range and top end without compromising the bottom end power. The unique design of the Megabomb header allows for better low end torque similar to a long header while also improving top end power much like a short header.
Zacky Over 3 years ago
Does this come with springs?
Does this come with the springs for the megabomb?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago
it will come with springs if needed.
Top 1000 Contributor
Over 3 years ago Location: Costa Rica
The springs sold separately
dirtsurfer Over 4 years ago
Can the spark arrestor and the 94db Insert be used at the same time?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 4 years ago Location: USA
yes they can.
dirtsurfer Over 4 years ago
Is the 94dB Insert Included?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: USA
Yes the insert is included.
nbrablec9 Over 4 years ago Location: Omaha,Ne
Would you recommend over other systems?
With so many systems on the market, I am having some trouble deciding. Would you recommend for an 07 rmz 250 over other systems? I loose alot of power up high in each gear.
Top 250 Contributor
Over 4 years ago Location: huntington beach,ca
hands down the best pipe out and finish is second to none
kyleyz250f Over 4 years ago
If i already have a after market exhast what about the jets then?
i already have a Dr.D complete system for my 2008 yz250f but it got a huge crack in the silencer part and the header blew off the motor mount so i need a new one and i dont know if i have to jet it again with this fmf system
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR
Jetting will more than likely be necessary. Check out FMF jetting specs at
Nate4585 Over 4 years ago
Is this the exact system in the picture? because on the FMF website it is different?
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Por+land
We use general product pictures so depending on your application, the exhaust you receive may differ from the one pictured.
califastkid Over 5 years ago
Spark arrestor?
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Por+land
No, this is not spark arrested but you can but the spark arrestor separately
yamaha514 Over 5 years ago
I have a 09 yz250f i have a carbon 4.1 and a mega bomb should i jet the carb or run any higher fuel grade??
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 years ago
Jetting will help the overall performance, especially if you notice some bogging issues after installing the exhaust. If you aren't racing professionally I wouldn't suggest running Race Fuel. The price for the fuel will not give you the returns that you would think.
GILES Over 5 years ago Location: tacoma,wa
How would the single system mount on a 2007 crf250r instead of having the duels?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 years ago
Instead of the "Y" Mid Pipe, you will have a single tubed mid pipe to connect one exhaust cannister.
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What It Is

With an all-new YZ450F for 2010, many exhaust companies scrambled to make an exhaust system that both produces noticeable power gains and fits into the small, confined area allotted for the YZF's new "tornado style" header. The reversed exhaust design also made it difficult to incorporate FMF's signature MegaBomb header. To combat this, an entirely new MegaBomb was designed to attain the same effect and power increase as the traditional MegaBomb header. The entire system is made from titanium and designed to mount right up to the all-new YZF.


Installing the system is a breeze, as it mounts up seamlessly without any snags or wrestling to get it to fit. With the new system mounted up, the power increase was excellent. In stock trim, the YZ450F has tons of low- to mid-power but falls off and doesn't rev out up on top. With the FMF system installed, the YZF revved out much further, pulling each gear longer and farther. Down low, the power didn't suffer, and in fact, actually benefitted from the exhaust system, adding a small amount of pull while not gaining so much power that it was uncontrollable.


It hasn't affected anything, but the MegaBomb header sits very close to the shock, begging the question as to whether or not the heat will hinder the shock performance in a long moto.

The Verdict

I've been riding the new YZF a lot lately, and have come to really want more top-end out of the bike. The new FMF system answers my demands with a healthy top-end gain while still adding slightly to the low-end grunt. I'm pleased with the power and would likely recommend this system to anyone.

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Be Confident

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