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Myler's Complete SuperCool Radiator and Hose Combo Myler's Complete SuperCool Radiator and Hose Combo MotoEnthusiast - TN Hoses and clamps no good. "Radiators are great but I wouldn't buy the combo again the hoses are high quality but they seems to short. And the hose clamps they send are a joke very cheap home Depot clamps. Disappointed in the hose and clamps love the radiators."
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Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston Dave - NM Great product "Put this in my KX500 that was a bit tired. Installation was smooth. Be sure to put the piston rings on the spring notches as your putting the cylinder back on. Went on smooth, gaskets fit fine and where packed nice. For my break in.. 1. Fresh Oil (not synthetic) 2. Warmed engine up at idle to operating temp. 3. Let cool down until engine is completely cold 4. Repeat step 2 and 3 5. Took it on an easy 20min ride at 50% through 3rd gear. 6. Let it cool down and recheck all torque specs 7. Next day compression test then took it out riding, just warmed it up and kept it around 75% riding regular dirt roads for 30min or so. Stopped and ate a snack while it cooled down.... then ripped it for 4 hours like I stole it. Hyuuuuuge improvement in response, my bottom end snapped harder and when that powerband hits in 4th and 5th on my 500.. hold the F on. Great product and it's why I run Wiseco pistons."
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