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ASV F1 Clutch Lever / Cable Brake Lever & Perch - Shorty

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FITS: 1996 KTM 550MXC change
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ASV F1 Clutch Lever / Cable Brake Lever & Perch - Shorty

Product Description

New F-1 Series. Forged, unbreakable, adjustable "Shorty" Clutch and Brake Lever with Perch Combo. New "slim" blade design feels like stock levers.

Fits all cable operated clutches for all makes models and years including Motocross, Off-Road, ATVs, Vintage, Speedway and Flat Track motorcycles.

  • Unbreakable design.
  • Adjustable reach.
  • Material: 6061 aluminum alloy.
  • Process: Forged.
  • Steel, sealed bearings on pivot.
  • Chrome silicon high-tension spring.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Completely rebuildable.
  • One-year guarantee.
  • Note: Does not fit bikes that use hydraulic clutches or hydraulic brakes.
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Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: Central MN
Awesome inexpensive Insurance

I usually run C6's on my bikes, however this time I was a little short on $$ when it came time to get new levers and I have to say, the F1 is a great lever!

Location: Albany, OR
Great lever

I personally am a fan of the shorter levers. Really smooth feel and easy to install. I've dropped my yz pretty good a few times and the lever is just a good as when I bought it.

Location: Bay Area Ca.


Location: New Jersey
ASV F1 Clutch Lever

I had this lever on my YZ 250 for a couple of years now. The product works great overall. The action is light compare d to the old lever. I have tipped a couple of times and had no problems with the lever. Great overall product for the money!

Top 500 Contributor
Location: Athens Tn.
Good for the price paid.

Normally I use the C-5 series for my race bikes but didnt feel I needed to spend that much on a trail bike. The F-1 series was a much better choice in the end for the cheaper bike. The F-1 is made to lesser quality standards as the C series but are sufficient for trail bikes or older bikes.

Location: Pensacola, Florida
Great for little hands

I got these levers to replace the stockers on my sons KX60. He has small hands and wasn't able to comfortably reach the stock levers. I took the adjusting screws out which allowed the levers to come back to the closest position to the bars and they are perfect for him. My only complaint, and the reason I only gave it 4 stars, is that you can't reverse the pivot screw, but the stock dust covers hide the ugly nut on the front brake side,. Nice finish,quality component, with a 0ne year warranty. I'm Happy!!!!!

Location: Sokane, WA

Only great things to say about this clutch handle. So great, I'm buying the same thing for the brake.

Top 250 Contributor
Location: Clearlake, CA
Must have

the part that breaks most often is the levers!! these r a must the rotating lever is genious and works great saving u wads of $ they can break though but the warranty is there to back u up

Top 100 Contributor Top 250 Contributor
Location: Traverse City, Michigan

these levers a a no brainer. if youv ever dropped your bike once you got on the track or trail your ride is most likey over. you can be on the ground more that your up and these puppies wont break, if they do send em in and thell send you new ones, just be sure you buy the right warranty for you...HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

Location: Sacramento, Ca
Great Lever

This lever was simple to install and adjust for a personal fit and since I have broken about five other levers this season it was nice to finally get a lever that would brake away so it doesn't end my riding day!

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Brake lever?...
4545car Location: Texas, USA
1-8 of 8
Spence 3 months 11 days ago Location: Buffalo, NY, USA
Does it work with acerbis hand guards?
3 months 10 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
Yep this works with most any hand guard with no obstruction when both are installed correctly.
Expert MotoSport Staff
3 months 7 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
Yes, this lever set up should work with any handguard set up if everything is properly installed.
4545car Over 12 months ago Location: Texas, USA
Brake lever?
can u take off the purch and use the lever for hydraulic break
MotoSport Staff
Over 12 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
Unfortunately no, you would need to purchase the specific hydraulic front brake lever for your bike. They do have one specific to your 1998 KX125 though, just make sure to profile your bike and you will get the correct one.
Danny 1 year ago
Does this come with a hotstart option?
My yz450f has a hotstart and I need a new lever with hotstart
MotoSport Staff
1 year ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
No, unfortunately this ASV F1 Clutch Lever / Brake Lever doesn't come with the Hot Start option. Try checking out some of the F3 Perch and lever assemblies as those will come with it for applications that require a Hot Start.
bob555115 Over 4 years ago
Does this come with perch or is it jus the lever?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago
from the description * 1 Year unconditional guarantee. * Forged 6061 aluminum. * Includes perch.
bob555115 Over 4 years ago
Is this short enough for two fingers? cause my stock one always crushes my third finger so im looking for a two finger that wont reach my third finger?
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: P+RTLAND
Shorty levers are normally 2 finger levers. Length's vary depending on what brand of lever.
wdck Over 4 years ago
No colors?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR
The ASV F1 levers are only available in silver. To get an anodized colored lever you must purchase either the F3 or C5 levers.
ylee Over 5 years ago
please explain shorty thanx
Top 10 Contributor
Over 5 years ago Location: Tualatin
Most rideres never use all four finger to pull in the brake or clutch levers, it's usully 1,2 or 3 fingers, so no need for the longer levers. long levers are more of a comfort level to what ever your used too.
learn Over 5 years ago
What is included?
Does this come with both the cluth and brake lever?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 5 years ago Location: PDX
This is for one lever that can be used for either cable operated brakes or clutch. (will not work with Hydraulic brake)
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