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We no longer carry the Artrax 250/450F Tire Combo

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1990 Suzuki DR350S

Artrax 250/450F Tire Combo

Unfortunately, we no longer carry This item. It may be discontinued or have just sold out.

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Artrax 250/450F Tire Combo

Product Description

  • Please note: Tire sizes vary by ride, please check your current tire and wheel sizes before placing the order. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-888-676-8853.

The Artrax 250/450F Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Artrax tire in your choice of model with the following features:

The 250/450F Tire Combo from Artrax allows you to choose any front and rear combination of the following Artrax tire models. Get exactly what you need in size and features at prices that you will not be able to say no to.

Artrax MX-PRO Specifications:

  • Made for Soft / Intermediate terrain.
  • Artrax MX PRO tires offer excellent traction in ruts and flat corners.
  • Tread pattern offers great grip in all terrains and improves braking performance.
  • Durable tire compound.

Artrax TG4 Specifications:

  • Made for Soft / Intermediate terrain.
  • The front TG4 features T-style shoulder knobs that help put power down in the turns.
  • The TG4 rear tire features a cupped style tread pattern to increase straight line traction in soft to intermediate terrain.
  • A ribbed sub-tread on the TG4 tire gives additional traction and control when digging deep in soft sand and dirt.
  • Widely spaced knobs are utilized to prevent the buildup of dirt.
  • Stiff sidewall with 4-ply construction keeps the debris from puncturing the TG4 tire.

Artrax SE3 Specifications:

  • Built for Intermediate terrain.
  • The Artrax SE3 tire is an intermediate terrain tire with performance packed into every knob.
  • Constructed to be the toughest and most competitive enduro-style tire available from Artrax.
  • With a super stiff 4-ply construction, the Artrax is built to have maximum puncture resistance.
  • For the tire that will handle the most demanding riding conditions, the burly Artrax SE3 tire is the right choice to get the job done.

Artrax SX1 Specifications:

  • Made for Intermediate / Hard terrain.
  • The Artrax SX1 has been developed for use on intermediate to hard terrain and delivers the control for which you are looking.
  • The SX1 tire has ribbed sub-tread between the lugs to add control in soft conditions.
  • Shoulder knobs help you put power down in the turns.
  • The stiff sidewall with 4-ply construction resists punctures and helps absorb shock when going big.
  • Widely spaced knobs help to prevent the tire from getting completely packed with mud and dirt, thus providing great clean-out and excellent bite.

Artrax SX2 Specifications:

  • Designed for Soft terrain.
  • The Artrax SX2 tires offer excellent mud performance.
  • Lug spacing helps shed mud and build up for better cornering and braking.

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