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Artrax SX1 Rear Tire Artrax SX1 Rear Tire Jeff - Temple,ga PIA to install but well with it "I am not the best installer so someone with more experience may get it done easier but when it does finally go on you will be pleased! I hare scramble with these tires front and back and they are awesome! Traction durability and affordable all in one package."
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Bridgestone M404 Rear Tire Bridgestone M404 Rear Tire KTMGary - on 2012 ktm 125sx in NY "Excellent all around tire. Easy to install even in cold weather. Maximum traction in all conditions and terrain. Wears well and maintains traction when worn. In loam, Better straight line hook up than mx32's but a little less than 32's in corners. Works for the "2 Stroke" style of riding. Sad they stopped making these."
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