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Michelin T63 Rear Tire Michelin T63 Rear Tire PuckerFactor - Portland Great performance -- Thankfully not expensive "These tire deliver excellent performance both on the street and in the dirt. They hook up in the dirt like true knobs should, allow me to pass sport bikes in corners (seriously), and are quiet for highway droning. Their one problem is that the knobs in the rear are just too short and wear out in no time. The front holds up fine, but it would be great if Michelin could add a half inch or so to the knobs. At least they are less expensive than some other similar tires (606), so I keep buying them."
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Artrax TG4 Rear Tire Artrax TG4 Rear Tire BBlaser - Ohio, USA Great tire for the money in the right application "I have ran this tire on a few different bikes of my own (05 yz250f, 08 RMZ 450, and 08 KTM 250XC) and some of my riding buddies have tried it. Here'w what I think ... In soft terrain it's a great tire hooks up like a soft terrain tire should cleans out easily. Now that being said if you run the tire on any kind of hard pack and you ride aggressively it is going to show wear very quickly. Some of the more expensive tires cross over between hard and soft terrain better but for the money I can't complain. Thanks Motosport for offering an affordable product that provides adequate performance for us weekend warriors!! I"
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