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Artrax SE3 Rear Tire Artrax SE3 Rear Tire Fastman - Fairfield Ia Se3 rear tire "Tire not as wide or tall as a brand name of equal size. Less tire, less cost."
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Artrax TG4 Rear Tire Artrax TG4 Rear Tire effinsiok - The Price is Right "I bought a set of TG4 tires and tubes thinking I'd try them out for the price. The tubes were thick and seemed of good quality. I took them out for the first time this past weekend and they hooked up great! I was cornering in damp dirt/puddle conditions so much better than my worn out Bridgestone M204's I replaced. The leading edge of the rear tread blocks have a tiny bit of wear after 35 miles of roosting on packed dirt, mud, and rocks (pacific north west), but I think any tire would. We'll see how long they last, but so far they're great! The rear 110 looks slightly narrower than Bridgestone M204 I took off, but this might just be the shape of the cornering blocks. Didn't seem to matter on the trail."
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