DEI Lighted Button Head Bolts

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4.00 out of 5 stars
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  • Lighted Button Head Bolts, with hex head opening, can be used anywhere accent lighting is desired.
  • 12-Volt bolts measure 5/16" x 3/4".
  • Made from high grade stainless steel, polished to a mirror-like finish.
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Overall 4 out of 5 stars
Location: Upstate, SC
These LED bolts add something

Per my Driven rotors review, I'll address three things about this purchase: looks, performance, value.

LOOKS - we'll start with this: I bought a set of these DEI LED bolts because I'm an LED 'ho. You should see my 'Busa - counting each LED bulb individually I have probably 200+ of 'em covering my bike. So, the set of DEI button head LED bolts I bought were literally just an accent in a sea of LEDs.

Howev'ah! They are a nice accent as I placed them up by my mirrors/trailing edge of my windscreen (and I do have a pic to include). The other LEDs cover the rest of the bike but having these way up high helped with "light" balance.

Specifically about the DEIs - the bolts themselves look clean and bright. Not shoddy or unpolished looking even up close.

PERFORMANCE - the LEDs set into the Allen head bolts are bright. I bought red. Wiring them is easy as well. I use insulated male/female connectors on all my LED lighting so just crimp two on and you're done.

CAVEAT EMPTORE (and this is why I didn't rate these 5 Stars) - the spot-welded wires on the backside of the bolts can get pulled off easily.

I had to remove my fairing for a CCFL Halo 2 headlight installation and the connector snagged something and "pop", off came the wiring where it was welded.

VALUE - so, I have a second set on order. I could (and will try) to re-spot-weld the one I have but I fear the connection won't take/hold so I'm taking no chances. If the wiring at the spot-weld hadn't popped off so easily I'd say these bolts were a great value but... now I have to order a second pair.

Also, consider this when ordering these if you're planning on using them all over - it's all fun and beautiful light show once the work is done but underneath you'll have a spaghetti forest of wires that can interfere with bodywork R&R and are at risk of damage when working on the bike (or at least inducing a "blessing" fit from the mouth). Obviously, I'm assuming these DEI bolts would be in addition to a more serious LED effort.

And make sure you label your add-on/LED wiring so you can keep track of what's what.

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Juan 1 year 6 months ago
How Many Lighted Bolts Comes In A Set? & Are They All Gonna Be The Same Color?
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 5 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
There are 2 Lights in a set. Both Lights in the set would be the same color.
Woody106 Over 5 years ago
What Sizes will these fit?
I have an 03 SV 1K S and Im looking to use these in place of the windscreen bolts which have an inner guide nut that is a 5mm. Will these fit? Are they Metric or SAE?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 years ago Location: Portland, OR
The screw measurement is 5/16", so if you can remove your inner guide nut and measure the opening it may work. Length is 3/4" and button head is 9/16". Installed with a 4.5mm allen. They have their own nuts which can be seen in the larger picture.
asm3686 Over 7 years ago Location: carbondale IL
How many are in the package?
If you could please tell me how many are in the package that would be very helpful and are they available in a black bolt instead of the stainless steel finish?
Top 25 Contributor
Over 7 years ago
2 in a pack and only available in stainless steel finish
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