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Willie & Max Tool Pouch Willie & Max Tool Pouch TripSeven - The south tip of the Texas Hill Country Nice tool pouch "The rigid liner is well placed and helps the bag hold form when loaded with your toolkit. The liner is also connected tothe attachment points so the bag stays rigid where you mount it. It is large enough to hold extra spark plugs and other handy items along with the tool kit which came with my motorycle. The deep cover flaps cover well and keep out the rain and dirt. The vinyl is thick and I expect it to last for many years."
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Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag sluggo - Rhode Island, USA not bad for the price! "willie & max need a better way to secure to handlebars other than two zip ties. pretty bogus... the bag is ok, you just need to fabricate your own way to hold it down!"
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