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Vortex 525 RX3 V3 2.0 Chain Vortex 525 RX3 V3 2.0 Chain Kyle - Fargo, ND, USA Great Sprockets & Chain, Motosport not so much! "I needed to put on new chain and sprockets this year and since i was pulling it all apart i decided to go 1 down 2 up. Awesome, rides better, better rpm ranges for in town, and now when you hit the throttle you better hang on! The rear sprocket looks fantastic and the chain is very high quality, wish it had a little less grease on it so you don't cover the bike on the first test ride. Remember to re-tighten the chain after a test ride, this one stretched or settled in pretty quick. Very happy with the product. Disappointed in Motosport, I usually order all my parts from Motosport because they have a good website for ease of use, and usually have the products i need. I have even bragged up the company and pushed friends to check them out first. After placing my order i was told they were not in stock which is understandable if they ran out. after a week of them still not shipping i contacted Motosport and asked for an ETA when they think they would get them on hand and the customer service rep was very rude and said they will ship when they ship. It took a few weeks to get my order. I missed a few great weekends of riding while my bike was torn apart waiting on parts. The least Motosport could have done was over night the parts to me once they received them to try and speed it up, instead same shipping was used and nothing was said about their delay. Next time i will probably order from another company who will go the extra mile to put the customer first. I attached a pic for you, please don't mind the dirty bike, hasn't gotten her spring wash yet."
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