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Artrax Mini Tire Combo Artrax Mini Tire Combo Dreskie36 - Topeka, KS, USA Excellent tire "These tires are excellent for the price! They perform very well! Can't beat the price or the performance and durability for the price!!"
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Michelin Commander II Tire Combo Michelin Commander II Tire Combo Chris - Indiana, USA Excellent tire "I am notorious for laying into corners to see if I can scrape the running boards on my bike. Wow what a tire, the mechanic told me to take it easy for the first 100 miles, at around 150 miles on the tire, I was able to lay way over and not worry about the tire losing grip, or sliding off of the road. I've only ridden in the rain for a short distance with the Commander II's, but what little that I did (50 or so miles) I liked them, they push the water out away from the bike to give the tire good traction on the wet surface. Granted I don't ride like an idiot in the rain, but I do love the fact that they grip the road well in the rain. I would definitely recommend these tires to any one who loves to ride no matter the weather. CSK / Indiana"
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