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Shinko Dual Sport 705 Tire Combo Shinko Dual Sport 705 Tire Combo Vilmos - Nevada, USA Good tire "I have been riding these tires for 9000 miles so here is my evaluation. I consider their durability as very good due to my harsh kind of riding. Braking performance is very good although my VStrom comes with ABS. Cornering is good. As good as my previous OEM Bridgestones. My only complaint would be with high speed performance where the bike becomes unstable. If you ride below triple digits these tires are very good. I have used them a little bit for off-roading on smooth forest roads where they were capable enough without lowering air pressure. Overall a good durable tire."
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Michelin Anakee 3 Tire Combo Michelin Anakee 3 Tire Combo pauldies - Tallahassee, FL, USA Florida To Alaska "I took my 2012 Vstrom 650 to Cold foot Alaska 10,000 miles round trip and made the whole adventure on one set of tires thru some of the wrost roads I have ever driven on.The Michelin Anakee 3 Tire was perfect for dirt and gravel and I hit a lot of it on this trip.and some gravel freshly laid on road construction projects that a BMW 1200GS ridder said "was like ridding on marbles" I had to agree since I almost laid my bike down on that section of road and I have over 100,000 miles under my belt. I will be ordering a new set soon. Thanks for such an awesome product!"
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