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Artrax Mini Tire Combo Artrax Mini Tire Combo Jimmy250 - NJ Cheap Hook up! "Bought this combo on close out for my sons TTR 90, it's his current Hare Scramble Race bike. I wasn't sure when they came, they felt a little to hard, but I mounted them and he went and raced on them, took 2nd and said,"Dad omg those tires hook up!" I said ok glad that worked out!!! Great deal for the money and I will see how long they last. Jim"
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Continental Sport Attack 2 Hypersport Tire Combo Continental Sport Attack 2 Hypersport Tire Combo MOTOENTHUSSIAST - Solana Beach, CA, USA SxDx Canyon Carvers "These SPORT ATTACK 2 tires are the real deal !!!! After riding on 2 sets of the S 20 Evos,i prefer the characteristics of the Conti Sport Attack 2..The Conti Sport Attack 2 feels great from the 1st ride,down to the wear bars.The Conti Sport Attack 2 tips in and out quick,smooth and effortlessly,and is so comfortable,predictable and reliable at full lean.I got 3300 GOOD miles out of the rear,and 3600 out of the front which i will take any day....As i said before these tires felt the same from the beginning to the very end which is important to me...MOTOSPORT has the best Staff , Prices and fastest delivery on the net,so don't waste your time anywhere else.Have fun and be safe out there ,PEACE"
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