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Bridgestone T30 EVO Tire Combo Bridgestone T30 EVO Tire Combo Paul - Evolving with the T30's "I've just replaced a set of Bridgestone T30 tires with a set of T30 EVO tires on my ST1100. I stuck with Bridgestone T30's because I was happy with the T30's. They provided good grip, stability, and still had tread at 9000 miles on my rather heavy sport touring bike. My front tire was down to 1/32", the rear was at 2/32" measured as close to the center of the tread as possible, measured the day I took the bike in to have the new tires mounted. My only complaint with the old T30's was the slight cupping of the front tire. Now the T30 EVO tires take their place on my bike. The first 50-80 miles were a little squirmy feeling. I suspect this was the mold release compound being worn away on my commute to work. The front tire has a lighter feeling than the old T30, but this may only be due to a rounder profile with less cupping. Now that I have 200 miles on the tires they feel every bit as connected to the road as the tires they replaced. For the record, I am not an aggressive rider, and the chicken strips are a bit wide on my bikes. The Harley Clone riders in my motorcycle group think I'm a fast rider, even when I'm taking it easy. Just about any sport rider will out-pace me in the corners. I'm looking forward to seeing how far these new EVO tires last."
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Artrax Tire Combo Artrax Tire Combo Jasey - Tn Pleasantly surprised "After countless hours of searching reviews on these tires I finally took the plunge and decided to try out a set. I race harescrambles and was wanting the SX2's however I ACCIDENTALLY ordered the MX Pro's By the time I had realized it my order had been shipped, so I decided to try them anyway. I absolutely love the rear and will be buying another when it's time, however, the front tire is very skinny compared to my MX57's that were the same exact tire size and it made my front end push a lot in my first harescrambles race on them. I still would like to give the SX2 a shot on the front before I rule out Artrax front tires completely."
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