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Vortex LED Integrated Tail Light Vortex LED Integrated Tail Light RayfromRI - Rhode Island Seamless Integration on a 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 650 "I'll start off with the negatives. It took a while to ship and it didn't come with explicit instructions (but more on this later). On to the positives. It fit perfectly and it looks great. Although it did not come with explicit instructions (or any at all), if you have common sense then you can install it. I was able to take the male plugs off of the stock turn signals and attach them to the taillight. That way I did not need to rewire them. The whole process took me about an hour (Sad to say I am no longer mechanically inclined). Bike looks great now."
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Vortex LED Integrated Tail Light Vortex LED Integrated Tail Light RyPal7 - Cincinnati, OH Nice Clean Look "I ordered the smoked version of this integrated tail light unit for my 2014 ZX6R, and I installed it myself with a few simple hand tools in about 15 minutes. I was a little disappointed that it didn't come with any directions, but the process was easy enough to figure out and internet searches always help. Once installed, the light looks fantastic. It totally cleans up the tail section of the bike, especially when you have a fender eliminator kit as well. The tail, brake, and turn signal lights are all very bright and clearly visible from a distance, but the smoked lens gives it a nice low-profile look when it's turned off. Vortex did a solid job with this one!"
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