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Slipstreamer S-02 Spirit Windshield Slipstreamer S-02 Spirit Windshield Bill - Saskatchewan 4 out of 5 stars decent windshield "decent windshield, bit of a pain to install, evening project spread over three days, had to keep going to the bolt store for washers as the rubber gaskets pop through, also, this is not specific for my model so had to make adjustments so it could fit on forks...bottom metal brackets are a bit weak...DO NOT OVER BEND. other than that, got it on and it looks good."
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Slipstreamer SS-28 Sport Fairing Windshield Slipstreamer SS-28 Sport Fairing Windshield chadams66 - Portland, OR, USA 5 out of 5 stars great windscreen "even though my 1981 suzuki gs 450t wasn't on the fitment list, it did in fact mount up quite nicely. after a couple tries, i had it adjusted to my great satisfaction. i can ride to speeds over 85 mph with no wind buffeting whatsoever. this is with a fairly upright sitting position. super great in the colder temperatures. i got quite a few compliments and "wish i had one(s)" when the fall came. as i said, it mounted up easily and was easy to readjust to my preference."
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