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Scorpio Ride Core-S Bundle Scorpio Ride Core-S Bundle Jamie - Thailand The alarm to get "Literally took me 30min to install. I love this product, the motion sensor is great and can be easily adjusted from leaning over the bike to some distance from the bike. The alarm is very loud itself. But the best part is I can put on silent mode. If thieves get past the disc lock they think they got a bike. Think again, with the GPS alarm and authorities notified you and the authorities can track it. Proximity and tilt alerts going straight to your iPad or iPhone. Best alarm I've ever bought, well worth the piece of mind."
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Xena XZZ6L Disc-Lock Alarm Xena XZZ6L Disc-Lock Alarm Bazrin - Netherlands Busted "Great product, I was able to call the police on the a-hole trying to steal the bike thinking no one would react to the alarm. Busted!!"
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