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TCX S-Speed Waterproof Boots TCX S-Speed Waterproof Boots Rainbowroostbruce - Indiana, USA Good boot, not water proof "I did a lot of research looking for a well built, water proof, comfortable but higly protective boot. I bought these two years ago when they were just released (new model). Protection seems in line with the price, $300, good. If our looking for "great" spend another $200 and buy a track boot. They are very comfortable. Nice sole both for riding and when lowering foot to the ground at a stop. Somewhat HOT, which is the characteristic of a waterproof boot. They are water proof-ISH. In light rain they did well. These boots are a bit squeaky. I silicon spray them at the joints when they start talking to me. That seems to cure it, for a while. So, yes I would recommend them. They are my only boot and I ride a sport standard and a cruiser bike.They ride well on both. I am now wanting maximum protection so, I will be purchasing a track boot soon."
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PEET Multi Boot Dryer PEET Multi Boot Dryer MotoEnthusiast - Sarasota, FL, USA Best thing since sliced bread! "I'll just come out and say it, I have some stinky feet. Nothing smells worse than my riding boots after some Florida summer moto's. After pressure washing my boots and helmet I leave them to dry on the Peet dryer and the next day they smell brand new again and they are nice and dry ready to go back into the gear bag. Sometimes I leave them on for a few days and the dryer does not damage anything. I suggest buying the helmet attachment to dry your sweaty helmet after riding too. I love this dryer and I use it every week. I have had it over a year now and no problems Highly recommended!"
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