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Olympia Women's Airglide 5 Mesh Jacket Olympia Women's Airglide 5 Mesh Jacket Sparker - Bellingham, WA, USA Lovely! "A little bit of my background: As a Washingtonian, I ride in most weather (pouring rain, 90 degree sunshine, and everything inbetween *ahem* with a temperature of at least 50 degrees I suppose). I initially got a man's small 4-season jacket . I found out VERY quickly that it was not made for curvy women, It rides up to the narrowest part of my waist leaving it rather drafty down my backside. During my search for a well-fitting coat (IN RED, red is hard to find), I've discovered most women's coats are watered-down, more "cute" than functional versions of men's coats and men's coats are often to big or bulky on me. *insert eye-rolling* Sizing: I'm 5'4" 35" (34A)-28"-40". 145lb Normally, size small shirt and size medium (6-8) pant. Somewhat short-torso-ed. I prefer being able to wear a hoodie under my jacket in colder weather so a little extra room is welcome. I ordered a size medium. I am easily able to wear a sweatshirt under the jacket even with the liner. With the insulating liner in, I have plenty of room over my stomach and chest. I have to cinch in the velcro at the waist a little in order for it to be snug. The shoulders are the perfect width. The sleeves are the proper length, maybe barely on the short-ish side. The bottom of the coat hits me barely below my belt line. If I had my way, I would have made the coat 2-3 inches longer. The tail is rather short for my liking, but it doesn't ride up so I'm not too breezy. I'm super thankful for the cinching at the waist. If you need a little extra room in the hips, it has side zippers that unzip to give a little leeway. Protection: My favorite thing about this coat! The padding is NOT watered down! There are hard plates that extend mid forearm to just above my elbow, over both shoulders, and a wide plate down the spine. The plating is relatively thin but seems sturdy. It moves readily with my body movement so you barely notice it while in motion. Plating is not bulky or limiting. There is thin reflective piping over the top of the chest, 4-6" piping on the the upper arm and forearm, and across the top of the back. There's really not a lot of reflective material. Reflective piping is minimal. I feel they could have snuck in a little wider reflective tape throughout the coat. I ordered the coat in white and red though so it's still quite visible. If it were black, I'd be more upset. Style: The coat is quite flattering. I really like the look of it. It fits smoothly not leaving any bulky bunching while I'm on my bike. The inner liner has velcro loops, snaps along the top collar, and zips into the rain layer to keep it in place. It's rather thin. I don't imagine it will be great for colder temperatures (haven't tried it yet) but it's made with heat reflecting technology so they say (it's shiny like a thermal blanket). It has a cellphone pocket on the inside. We'll see how warm it is in the future. The rain layer also has velcro loops and zips into the outer layer. It has an inner velcro-closure pocket big enough for most smart phones. Alternatively, you can wear it over the outer layer for a wind or rain breaker. The outer layer has one left breast pocket on the inside of the main zipper. It's large enough for a cell phone, ipod, or keys. There are two other outer pockets located on the front of the hips (where normal coat pockets are). All pockets seal with zippers. The hip pockets are TINY. Like women's jeans tiny. They barely fit my whole hand without a glove. They could be bigger if they set a little closer to the side seams buuuuut they're not. I guess they cut that feature out in favor of streamlining the look. Overall, I really like the coat. It fits smoothly and is well worth the money. Pros: - hard plating over impact locations - WATERPROOF (this is important to me) - made to fit female curves - plenty of adjustment for where body shape may vary - sturdy but not rough or rigid, very mobile - stylish and flattering Cons: - not a lot of pockets (I only list this here because my man's coat has an inner and outer breast pocket I really like) - small outer pockets - coat is short, I REALLY wish it went further down my hips"
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Olympia Blaze Vest Olympia Blaze Vest MountainTriumph - Ripton, VT, USA "I wanted a high viz vest to wear on days when I'm wearing black leather, and this Olympia vest (M/L) fits perfectly over my Fox Creek leather jacket (size 42), with Bohn body armor under that. I especially like being able to fine-tune the fit with the velcro straps on the sides. It's a nicely made vest. I haven't had a chance yet to take it on the road (still winter here in Vermont), so I'll report back later about how it feels to wear it at high speeds."
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