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National Cycle Light Bar National Cycle Light Bar Mels2old - Iowa Looks great "It looks great on my bike. I thought they had sent the wrong one. I called , and the rep was very polite and helpful. It fit perfect, even though it bolted up different from my old one .( my bad ) The lights are bright, making it easier to be seen."
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National Cycle Light Bar National Cycle Light Bar YamahaRider - USA Not sure how to scoff at safety for motorcycles. "I purchased the National Cycle light bar for my bike so that I could increase my chances of being seen on the road. Pros: The lights are definitely nicer and more visible than just having the center light. You can connect them how you want and I did not fully follow the recommendations. Easy to install. Cons: They came explaining the wiring color on my bike where I needed to connect them but their light bar did not match my colors and did not come with those colors defined in the instructions. It was easy enough to find them on the internet. They came instructing to connect them to the high beam but then would be off when I want the other drivers to see me. As I said in pros I wired them how I wanted, with the spot to the running light circuit. Always on and I am just going to keep them pointed low so they don't blind other drivers. Overall I would definitely recommend the product. More lights mean more likely to be seen in a world where people try to claim they cant see motorcycles."
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