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Oxford Bike Dock Oxford Bike Dock Slipdipidis - Oklahoma City Lock the bike in with ease and confidence "The dock is heavyweight and bolts in strong. It's designed extremely well and is very sturdy. I have to move the rear end of my bike to the edge of the bed of the truck so it puts stress on the dock but never gives and never releases the bike. This is great because you can let go of the bike with no other tie-downs in place and finish securing the bike. I use this with a Master Cuff Lock to the eye ring at the side of the bed to prevent it from being stolen away from the dock while it's in the bed. Highly recommend this dock... it's well worth the extra money and is world away from other wheel chocks in terms of quality."
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Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System Westbusa - Ny Awesome stand "The best stand i have owned yet,easy to install on bike,drive right into trailer and clips right into floor mounts,NO STRAPS NEEDED,held my hayabusa over some bad bumps,easy to get bike out of trailer,worth the money! ."
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