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MC Enterprises Full Engine Guard MC Enterprises Full Engine Guard steveeB2 - CA After looking every where, MotoSport had it "very tough finding..QUALITY ..aftermarket accessories for my 2006 Suzuki S50 VS 800 Boulevard..I looked everywhere for a QUALITY set of engine guards..for that reason and installing some much needed highway pegs..I found it at MotoSport Worse..anything I did find was "MIGHT FIT"..those are risky and returns may NOT be available but the one I got from MotoSport was stated so and is an EXACT FIT...I like that very very grinding or remaking a part very clever where it mounts and its a very quality piece..finish is excellent...and everything came with it and had decent install pages This bike has a very flashy gorgeous engine and it needs to be protected from fall damage..I found it finally MotoSport seems to have some dynamite contacts around the aftermarket world and can get me just about whatever I have asked for..way to go !!!!"
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MC Enterprises Cigarette Lighter MC Enterprises Cigarette Lighter Rick - Not of first-class appearance, but fairly good. "26 Jan. 2016: These 12-volt cigarette-lighter-style outlets (lighter included) is of fairly good quality. My recent purchase will make this my second; the first one has so-far lasted for circa 7 annums, with much outside parking of my bike. It still functions and has a good-chrome appearance. Although these are probably made in China, I must say that they are OK. –––Richard Stuart Otto"
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