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BikeMaster Black Universal Brake Lever Assembly BikeMaster Black Universal Brake Lever Assembly brickson98 - Wisconsin, USA You get what you pay for, but still a good product "I have this lever on my Honda (although this site says its only for Kawi, Suzuki, and Yamaha) and I took a few spills and it bent. I didn't expect it to hold up to much since it's pretty cheap. My flag style hand guards also don't help, because they bend in on my levers when the bike is dropped. I would like to pride it on its ability not to just snap off. It's been dropped on a decent number of times now since it has been bent, and it hasn't snapped or bent anymore. So now, it's basically a 1-2 finger lever. And the paint stays on it pretty good for a cheap lever. So if you're looking for a cheap lever on a small bike, a bike that won't be dropped too much, or a bike that has full wraparound hand guards, this lever is pretty good. I'd rather have a cheap lever that bends instead of breaking/snapping. And that's what this one does in my experience."
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Renthal Grip Donuts Renthal Grip Donuts brickson98 - Wisconsin, USA So cheap, so why not? "These do exactly what they say. I never had a problem with gripping the handgrips too far to the inside, I just wanted them because they add some extra style to my bike. But, when I do grip to the inside occasionally, these are like a little pillow for my hand. They're so cheap, why not pick them up just for the heck of it! Also, my only complaints are that when you're washing your bike with a power washer, these like to move around on your handgrips, and depending on the style of your grips, might fly off. There's nothing they can do to fix this, and it's really not an issue. You just push them back to where they're supposed to be after cleaning. Also, the red color ones get stained from the mud after a few rides, but I'm sure if I put these through the wash machine it might come out. But the mud staining won't come out by just power washing. So overall, these are pretty good, and if you want them you might as well pick them up because they're so cheap."
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