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Michelin Inner Tube Michelin Inner Tube - East Granby, ct Heavy duty and weight "Much beefier than a standard duty tube. Not sure it actually last any longer on its own. I'd you're adding the weight I suggest taking it a bit further and adding some slime. Might keep you off the side of the trail."
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Kings Tube Kings Tube KTMHutch - Virginia, USA As close as tubeless as you can get... "These paper thin, vulcanized King masterpieces are easy on the wallet. If you have a vintage MX bike, that is hanging on the wall of your fabulously decorated man cave, these are your tubes! That works race bike, that you are running custom billet, drilled titanium, ultra light weight, carbon fiber everything, and you need the weight savings down to the tubes, buy these. Motosport will ship them out super-fast and if you buy enough of them they will ship for free. Stock up! You will need to have spares if you intend to install them yourself using traditional tools. They are very delicate! I highly recommend these tubes if you do not ride Enduro, Rocky Trails, Rough MX Tracks, run low tire pressure, get air, weigh over 100lbs, or like changing tires."
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