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Motion Pro Helmet Lock Motion Pro Helmet Lock shuwtist - Northern Virginia Mods to work "These worked out okay, but I had to get creative to mount them. For my particular bike - V-strom. I used tubing to build up the only two areas I was able to mount them. The only tube I had in the right diameter was the handlebar, a passenger foot peg bracket, and part of my crash guard. I ended up mounting one with some tubing to tighten on the foot peg bracket, and using double tubing to mount to a piece of my Givi side case frame. I didn't like the one way screws, so I used some allen head bolts in their place. They work great though. Thanks."
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Biker's Choice HELMET LOCK Biker's Choice HELMET LOCK Rancherran - Western Montana Great product for V Star bikes "My V Star 1300 has a very cumbersome helmet lock that requires removing the seat. This product fit nicely on the handle bar and looks great. I recommend it for anyone requiring an easy to use helmet lock."
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