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LS2 SC3 Helmet - Eagle Head LS2 SC3 Helmet - Eagle Head Manuel - Chin strap "Did not like the chin strap set up, did not like the release on the strap and the ratcheting end is made of a hard plastic material which I feel would not hold up after a long period of use, the release strap did not look very durable. The helmet itself fit well and was well made, if it had the strap with the eyelets I would have not sent it back."
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AFX FX-88 Helmet AFX FX-88 Helmet Jonsolo - Sacramento ca Dose it's job "Save my life more then once. Matter of fact day one, just 15 minutes into a brand new bike I peg scrape in a turn and was slingshot off my bike into an island dividing a road with large bolders. My head hit the bolders after my body tumble through the dirt. Yeah any helmet would probably do in a situation like that but this helmet just so happens to be the one. Highly recommend if you like the half mask but my next onen is going to be a full face. (AFX-FX41)"
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