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Firstgear Onyx Expandable Tank Bag Firstgear Onyx Expandable Tank Bag CrankSpleenless - Charlotte, NC Great but not perfect... "My box came in the mail. I thought it was my touring windscreen the box was so big. I opened it up and was surprised. This thing is big. BIG. I don't know why they call it a tank bag. It should be called a tank/handlebars/seat/fender bag! Seriously, everything seems great. Strong magnets keep it on my SV1000 with no issues. Pros: Big, easy to use, expandable, weather skirt included Cons: The sunglass compartment interferes witht the zipper and entry to the map compartment. Design flaw. Only other thing I can think of is that it is heavy."
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Firstgear Laguna GPS Tank Bag With Backpack Firstgear Laguna GPS Tank Bag With Backpack 636inNY - Firstgear Laguna GPS Tank Bag With Backpack - "cannot see GPS if you have my combination (have to crank neck) 5'8 rider, 2006 kawasaki ninja 636 ohlins steering dampener rugged bag, pretty decent sized, two poland springs, disk lock, hat, gps in holder, a footabll type jersey to wear, phone wallet keys gloves and still had plenty of room without expansion. I bought this for the GPS function and unfortunately for my ride 2006 Kawasaki ninja 636 it does not work. i used the magnets, this means it only uses the back two magnets ad the front two do not have anything to magnetize to. i did not the included straps yet but i don't think that would solve the issue. I have an ohlins steering dampener as well and the clips on this bag stop my handlebars range of motion because the dampener hits the clip. for me this bag does not work but it's still a very well made product and ingenious design for those it will work for"
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