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Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves Albatross - Franklin, MA, USA What a difference ! "Quite amazing to ride in freezing temps with your hands so warm they're near to sweating. This with the Heat Troller dial about 3/4 of the way around. I swear these gloves will make your entire body feel warmer. I need to say these seem to run a bit small. I went a size larger than normal and they fit just great. But there is a warning to purchasing these. If you allow the sales agent to convince you that with the duel Troller you won't need the Y harness, it's gonna take another very long week before you can ride with your new gloves because without that Y harness there's no way you can make the connection. The harness runs from the Troller up the back of your jacket and down each sleeve to the gloves. And remember, if you have the Troller on the right side of your belt, the longer Y cable (6 inches longer) goes down the LEFT sleeve. Otherwise every time you disconnect you'll go crazy reaching up your sleeve trying to locate the connection. Best way to install the Y harness is to remove the lining from your jacket and lay the jacket so it is open and flat. Then starting at the waist run the cables up the center and down each sleeve, zip the lining back in place, put the jacket on, pause a second or two in front of the mirror to admire how fantastic you look, and when you get to your bike you're ready to plug in and roll out. And when you're out on that highway, look around and realize: "You may see OLD riders, and you may see BOLD riders, but you never see OLD, BOLD riders." At age 73 I know whereof I speak."
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Firstgear Women's Heated Rider Gloves Firstgear Women's Heated Rider Gloves ScooterBabe - Inyokern, CA Worth Every Cent "I can't believe I've waited this long to finally buy a pair of heated gloves. Most of my procrastination stemmed from the bulky, ugly gloves available. These are the best because they are comfortable and fit just like regular motorcycle gloves. I also like the fact that the heating element is in the top of the glove. It keeps the whole hand from getting cold."
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