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Servo Buddy Servo Eliminator Servo Buddy Servo Eliminator Sixfoot4 - A must for aftermarket exhaust "Hands down one of the best purchases I made for my 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R. The exhaust servo is completely eliminated and now my bike does not throw FI codes after I installed my new exhaust. Install was a bit lengthy because all of my fairings that had to come off to remove the servo and install the Servo Buddy, but it was well worth the time. The install is very simple, just a quick connection to the OEM harness and a few zip ties to keep it from bouncing around under the seat. I will without a doubt use this on any other bikes I purchase in the future."
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Graves Yamaha Exup Eliminator Graves Yamaha Exup Eliminator motojeff130 - Boring, OR, USA This is a must for aftermarket exhaust. "This bikes stock exhaust has an EXUP servo that is not used on the aftermarket exhaust. This eliminates the servo and tricks the computer so that you can run your aftermarket exhaust with out the engine constantly going into "Limp Mode" and making the Check Engine light come on."
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