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Servo Buddy Servo Eliminator Servo Buddy Servo Eliminator Pockets - Laurel, DE 19956, USA 2017 zx636r "Quick, easy, straight forward install. Longest part was taking the seat off to get to it. I know it says it will not work on a 2017 but the connectors are still the same. Also, as always big ups to and Justin at"
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Akrapovic Exhaust Spring Akrapovic Exhaust Spring Exclsr - Rochester, NY, USA Great product "These springs are a life saver, actually bought them for my Tomei expreme Titanium car exhaust. It's slip on style but the springs they provide rattle like crazy. Decided to give these a shot! They're holding ip great to the heat. No issues there. The gauge of the wire used for the springs is significantly thicker as well so I have a feeling they'll hold up longer too!"
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