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Servo Buddy Servo Eliminator Servo Buddy Servo Eliminator Motokeez - Central Jersey Easy Install well worth it! "Bought this so I could do away with my factory exhaust valve on my K13 GSX-R1000 and boy did it do the trick! On my Suzuki the servo motor was on the clutch side and just had to remove that sides fairings a little bit and full access was granted via a small rubber protective cover. Removed the whole Servo motor and the Servo Buddy just plugs in. Simple, and no F1 worries for this. Bike runs a bit quicker on low/mid end and sounds great. Highly Recommend this!"
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DEI Reflect-A-GOLD DEI Reflect-A-GOLD ACool - SoCal Awesome product "I've used a few DEI products and for an M/C tank shield this film is BADA*S without a doubt! Easy to apply, not thick and bulky like other similar firewall shielding. Great buy for those oversized tanks that hug the cylinder so tightly."
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