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EBC SRK Complete Clutch Rebuild Kit EBC SRK Complete Clutch Rebuild Kit charlie - Bay St Louis, MS, USA as described "Ive only had it on for about 150 miles. So far im very happy. My oem clutch was slipping and after i installed this clutch i can definantly feel the difference. It was my first clutch install so i had questions and between the reps at motosport and the technicians at ebc,i got it figured out. They were glad to help and very polite. Ill order again"
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Electrosport Regulator/Rectifier Electrosport Regulator/Rectifier Speed - Memphis, TN, USA More than impressed with this Reg/Rect "When searching for another replacement regulator rectifier I heard that these guys build them better then OEM by using heavier wires and internal components. And because this is the second time that an OEM Reg/Rect has dumped me off stranded on the side of the road due to burn out from overheating I knew this one had to be an improvement. After installing and ops checking I was very pleased to find that it puts out a higher and steadier output voltage then the previous OEM's. Instead of a wimpy 11 to 13 fluctuating volts depending on RPM's that always left me with a weak battery that required a battery charger every few weeks I'm now getting a solid and steady 13 to 14 volts and immediately noticed all my lights - blinkers, tail light, brake light, head light, tach and speed gauges were all much brighter. Now I don't have to keep the high beam on anymore just to see as you normally should see at night with just the low beam. I am more then pleased with this product and from now on this is my first go-to place for all of my future cycle parts."
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