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Dunlop Geomax MX52 Rear Tire Dunlop Geomax MX52 Rear Tire Nofear32 - Oahu Speechless performance "This literally gave more horsepower to my bike that's how great they hook up. My bike pulls harder and rockets out of corners. I love these tires plus the price is great for the performance it provides."
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Dunlop Tire Combo Dunlop Tire Combo Yzripper - Ontario, OR 97914, USA MX3s on 2003 yz250 "These tires are great, they perform on many sufaces very well i ride track, hills, and free ride out in the desert and theres a mix of loamy dirt, hard pack, and quite a bit of sand and when its muddy the dirt out here turns to this super sticky dark brown/black clay, no matter the conditions though i feel very comfortable on these tires. I've rode on the pirelli mx32 mid softs and the worked good but i felt like the front wanted to keep washing out that doesn't happen with these. Rear tire hooks up excellent."
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